Exclusive: Tennessee National Guard Supporters Announce June 29 ‘Guard Freedom’ Event

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – A group of supporters of Tennessee National Guard members informed The Tennessee Star of their intention to host a Wednesday, June 29 event outside the Capitol at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville.

The event is called “Guard Freedom” and will feature letter readings by surrogates from active-duty National Guard members who cannot speak publicly for fear that they will immediately lose their jobs, a reading of requests for Governor Bill Lee to take immediate action on their behalf, and likely several speeches.

Sources inside the Tennessee National Guard estimate that force depletion will be as much as 10 percent due to terminations because of non-compliance with COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

“Guard Freedom” will start at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29. Legislative Plaza is located directly across from the Tennessee Capitol, 301 6th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37243.

“This event is about showing support for members of the Tennessee National Guard who are about to lose their jobs due to their exercise of personal freedom. It is not political and we’re keeping the focus on the guardsmen and their freedom – and really the freedoms of all Americans – to not be forced to comply with unlawful orders that violate their conscience decisions and medical needs pertaining to their own health,” one source said.

The public is strongly encouraged to attend and show their support for Tennessee National Guard members, the organizers said.

The group will publicly request that the following three things occur:

1 – Governor Bill Lee must publicly condemn the firings of Tennessee National Guard members who are scheduled to be terminated due to their refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine and pledge to do everything in his power to help those members.

2 – Governor Lee must immediately order Tennessee National Guard Major General Holmes to halt the discharge of these honorable men and women.

3 – Governor Bill Lee must ask Attorney General Herb Slatery to file suit on behalf of the Tennessee National Guard members and coordinate with other state AGs to file an emergency injunction against the Department of Defense, forcing them to reverse adverse actions against any National Guardsman for refusal to vaccinate.

The group is additionally inviting Governor Lee to join them in order to address their issues. Several members of the General Assembly have expressed support, sources say, and have been invited to speak. At least a few are expected to attend.

The event, sources say, will feature some speakers, which will include letter readings of active national guard members and families that are being affected by the firings.

According to sources, the event will begin with a prayer, some speeches will be made, the letters from affected National Guard members will be read, and several National Guard members who had to retire early due to the mandate are expected to speak.

After the event, several National Guard supporters will walk over a letter to Lee’s office asking for his support if the governor declines the invitation to address the gathering.

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One Thought to “Exclusive: Tennessee National Guard Supporters Announce June 29 ‘Guard Freedom’ Event”

  1. LM

    Our soldiers should not be having to do this. Thousands of military men and women have already suffered irreparable harm after receiving COVID jabs. Thousands more have lost their livelihoods and benefits for refusing- livelihoods and benefits very much deserved by those who are willing to put their lives down for this country. Lee and Slatery- if either of you two are worth your salt you’ll put a stop to this. You’ve already waited until late in the game, you did not protect healthcare workers, at least stand up for our service men and women.