Exclusive: Jim Lamon Says He Is the Veteran to Take Down Mark Kelly

PHOENIX, Arizona – Arizona Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Lamon said he is the veteran to take down Mark Kelly in the Senate race by demonstrating real American work and action.

“In Arizona, there’s a very large veterans’ population, retired, active-duty, people associated with the military here. Kelly’s a veteran. You got to start with that. You darn well better be a veteran to go against him. Number two, you got a situation where this guy has gone so far left, he ran as a moderate, but you need someone to hold him accountable. Someone who has not just talked about what they’re going to do. Somebody who’s got accomplishments. Somebody who’s built businesses.

“So, you can show that contrast to what he is and what America is. This guy’s gone hard left, hard Marxist, voting 100% with [Chuck] Schumer and those guys. This is, in my case, being able to contrast that. Not with talk. But with actual stuff to show what real work looks like,” Lamon told The Arizona Sun Times.

Lamon spoke about the FreedomWorks Senate Forum he participated in on Thursday and how he stood out from other Senate candidates: Mark Brnovich, Blake Masters, Mick McGuire and Justin Olson.

“[The forum] was good,” Lamon said. “I think Blake heard it loud and clear, Arizona is not for sale. Brnovich heard that people have been watching. People are aware and awake these days, and when politicians don’t do anything, [the people] are going to hold them accountable.”

“Being the only guy up there who’s a veteran, and a business leader, you know, someone who’s gotten things done. I think the people are tired of talk. They’re tired of hearing one thing in the primary and then do nothing in the Senate,” Lamon said.

Lamon said being a successful business leader helped him stand out amongst the other candidates. He further mentioned the attack ads aimed at him by the swamp and big tech with large sums of money put into them. Lamon said he thinks people understand that it’s time to start listening to America first leaders who will bring jobs back to the country, and not “people that just got endless money to buy a seat.”

Furthermore, Lamon reflected on his current campaign trail, sharing surprising moments and favorites of his.

“I’d say just the growth of the grassroots, the involvement. You know, we’ve seen the campaign grow, audiences double and then double again. One of our goals is to outwork everybody,” said Lamon.

He recalled walking over a thousand miles in the last 57 weeks to connect with people, remarking how energized people are, even in an off-year election.

“I’m not taking any PAC [political action committee] dollars. I’m not taking a single lobbyist dollar. When I get these donations in the mail, and it may only be $20, it’s whatever that person could literally contribute. I see handwritten messages in there, and I’ve saved every one of them. I’ve tried to answer one of them. I mean, brother, it just tells you what’s right with this country, that it is worth saving. That it’s worth fighting for, and I’m doing that,” Lamon said, recounting his favorite moments from the campaign. “It’s just those heartfelt moments of grandmothers or people who say they want this country saved for their kids and grandkids.”

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Neil Jones is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Neil on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].


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