Army National Guard Approaches Vax Mandate with 5,000 Unvaxxed Guardsmen

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, investigated how different state National Guards are reacting to the Army’s June 30, 2022 deadline for all active-duty and reserve components to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


McCabe: The Star News Network has investigated how different states and National Guards have dealt with the COVID-19 mandate. A spokesman for the National Guard Bureau in Washington told The Star News Network that 86 percent of the Army National Guard is fully vaccinated and 88 percent partially vaccinated coming into the June 30 deadline.

In raw numbers, this means roughly 5,000 Army National Guardsmen are poised to miss the Pentagon’s deadline. The problem for the Biden administration is that while the Army Reserve is fully federal, the National Guard is a hybrid.

No governor took a stronger stand against forcing guardsmen to get the jab than Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt in October.

Stitt: This administration has no respect for individual freedoms. I can’t believe we have a president who wants to force Americans to choose between a vaccine and their job.

McCabe: In December, a federal judge denied Stitt’s request for a preliminary injunction and his lawsuit is still in the courts. In January, the governors of Texas and Alaska filed lawsuits asking the federal courts to exempt their guardsmen from the mandate.

They were followed by the governors of Mississippi, Wyoming, Iowa, and Nebraska, who sent letters to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requesting the same exemption.

The Texas and Alaska lawsuits are still in the courts. Maybe the most dramatic step was taken by Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis announced on June 15 that he is reestablishing the Florida State Guard where Florida Guardsmen could serve regardless of their vaccine status.

DeSantis: The Florida State Guard will be comprised of Floridians and it will be designed to assist and help only Floridians. It will not be subject to being mobilized by the federal government and the federal government cannot impose policies or penalties on the Florida State Guard.

McCabe: In a statement to The Star News Network, the director of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Jon Jensen, said, “We’re not giving up on anyone until the separation paperwork is signed and completed. There’s still time.” Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.


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2 Thoughts to “Army National Guard Approaches Vax Mandate with 5,000 Unvaxxed Guardsmen”

  1. JB Taylor

    Take the Discharge, the Vax has proven Deadly, in effectual and totally un-necessary. Not the way to give your life for your country.

  2. Cannon

    Julie and Neil: Thank you for this story. I have been very curious to see how the lawsuits have been progressing but was unable to find any updates since February.

    But please re-evaluate your numbers. There are over 400,000 National Guardsmen in this country, roughly 100,000 Air and 300,000 Army (on the low end). That means that you are looking at 56,000 MINIMUM that face discharge (400,000 x (1.00 – 0.86)).

    I even find their estimates of 86% fully vaccinated to be suspect considering that some of the largest states (like Texas) have rates well below 60%. They aslo don’t account for the HUGE exodus that has occurred since the mandate started, from Soldiers and Airmen who have already chosen to voluntarily leave the service. My own (albeit anecdotal) estimate is that by the end of this year, we will be less than 75% strength vs. end of 2020. I would like to see those real numbers.

    The truth is that many of us who are Guardsmen don’t trust anything we are told by our leaders anymore because they have lied non-stop for the last year.