Unemployment Payments Uncertain as Nine States’ Web Host Hacked

by Kim Jarrett


Residents of some states may not get their next unemployment checks on time as a vendor cyberattack has shut down their websites.

The states all do business with Florida-based Geographic Solutions. The company has not posted any information on its social media pages about the cyberattack. A warning page appears when trying to access the company’s webpage.

Up to 40 states and Washington, D.C. could be affected, according to a news release from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. No personal data was exposed, according to state officials there. But some state residents may get their unemployment check late as Louisiana’s HIRE website is down, they said.

“The HiRE website is used to file unemployment claims, job searches and other functions,'” Louisiana officials said in a news release. “This outage impacts the near 11,000 people currently filing continued claims for unemployment in Louisiana.”

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce said they cannot access data to process unemployment claims.

“The Department will distribute benefits as soon as possible, right now there is no timeline as to when that will happen,’ the department said in a news release. “Once the system is operational, claimants can complete their certifications for any missed weeks, and they will receive a lump sum for any delayed payments.”

CalJOBS, a virtual job search center run by the state, is also down, according to California’s Employment Development Department.

“In response, EDD has temporarily waived the CalJOBS registration and resume upload requirement for unemployment insurance recipients,” the department said in a news release. “Californians are still required to search for work to be eligible for unemployment benefits.”

The outage only affected job application site in some states. Other states that have reported problems are North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska and Florida.

The outage began Sunday and no timeline was given as to when the websites could go back online.

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Kim Jarrett is an associate editor with The Center Square. Her career spans over 30 years with stops in radio, print and television. She has won awards from both the Georgia Press Association and the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.


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5 Thoughts to “Unemployment Payments Uncertain as Nine States’ Web Host Hacked”

  1. Ms Independent

    Again if you have never list a good paying, great benefits job, during your lifetime then shut up. I lost my job b/c of the “mandatory pandemic.shutdown”! I NEVER had to go on unemployment until then.
    You think finding GOOD FULL TIME job is easy? Think again- plenty of part time jobs out there but not full time unless you are a nurse!
    Took me 10 months to finally land full time job that included healthcare! Being in your 50’s and losing a10 year job is devastating so those of you who think unemployment is only being used for lazy people who don’t want to work- cry me a river! Karma may come your way.

  2. Cannoneer2

    It’s not like the corporate welfare spigot has been shut off, or anything serious like THAT…

    1. 83ragtop50

      Are you talking about all of the lazy government employees?

  3. 83ragtop50

    Gasp! You mean some of these folks might have to take one of the millions of jobs open to buy necessities. What a horrible thought.

    1. JB Taylor

      Just what I was thinking. How can they be Unemployed? Everybody is Hiring.