Additional Tennessee National Guardsmen Express Frustration with Governor Lee and Kurt Winstead’s ‘Coordinated Message’ on Firings

More Tennessee National Guardsmen reached out to The Tennessee Star on Friday in order to rebut the coordinated messaging between TN-5 candidate and former National Guard General Kurt Winstead and Governor Bill Lee on the issue of soldier firings due to a COVID-19 mandate and the role that the governor can play.

The deadline for soldiers to comply with the mandate has now passed.

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Law Enforcement Officials to Investigate Attack on Nashville Pro-Life Center

Federal and local law enforcement officials are investigating an attempted arson and vandalism attack on a pro-life resource clinic in Nashville, based on a release from the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

The Hope Clinic for Women is “a faith-based safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with life choices regarding past, present, and future pregnancies,” according to their website.

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SEAL PAC Endorses Jeff Beierlein for U.S. House in TN-5 Race

SEAL PAC released a statement this week announcing the PAC endorsed Jeff Beierlein in the race for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat.

“Jeff Beierlein is a soldier’s soldier. As a helicopter pilot in Iraq and a graduate of West Point, Jeff has the leadership and experience needed to help lead our nation in these difficult times. I could not be more excited about his candidacy and look forward to serving with him in the United States House,” said Chairman Ryan Zinke, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Secretary of the Interior under former President Donald Trump.

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Latest Information on Tennessee National Guard Soldiers Who Refused COVID Vaccines

Misinformation continued to spread as the deadline for Tennessee National Guard soldiers, as well as soldiers across the United States, to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate by June 30, drew near and now has passed.

In an effort to better inform the public, The Tennessee Star has compiled the facts of what is now happening to soldiers in Tennessee and around the country.

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Chattanooga Department of Public Works Announces 90 Percent of Potholes Have Been Filled Through Mayor Kelly’s ‘One Chattanooga’ Initiative

Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works has inspected more than 95 percent of all streets and filled in 90 percent of all potholes, according to a report delivered to the Chattanooga City Council.  

Along with filling potholes, Public Works has created work orders for issues that require more than a patch, such as utility trench settlement, base failure, lack of base, and slope failure, according to the report.

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Asks State Court of Appeals to Reinstate Pro-Life Laws

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron quickly asked the state’s Court of Appeals to stay a circuit court’s ruling that temporarily blocked the enforcement of two state pro-life laws. Cameron filed a Writ of Mandamus and Prohibition Thursday, requesting the Kentucky Court of Appeals lift a temporary restraining order against both…

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Gallatin City Councilman Defends His Proposed De-Annexation of Individual Property Owner

GALLATIN, Tennessee – The Gallatin City Councilman who proposed de-annexation of an individual property owner for complaining about the city defended his proposal, even as he agreed to “put it to bed” at the council’s work session Tuesday, June 28.

“I was just trying to do this to help,” claimed Shawn Fennell, Councilman at Large, to the standing room only crowd in the Dr. Deotha Malone Chambers at Gallatin City Hall.

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Commentary: Attacks on Pregnancy Centers Are More than Mere Protests

There is great irony in the violence directed against pregnancy centers since the leak and then official release of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision. Reports of vandalism and destruction include graffiti such as “if abortions aren’t safe neither are you” and firebombing.

Pregnancy centers across America offer many services to women and men, their unborn children, and children post-birth—including pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease testing, ultrasounds, counseling, diapers, clothing, medical referrals for healthcare or community resources, and parenting classes. These services are provided free and funded by donations. 

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New Laws Go Into Effect in Virginia, Including Online Service Opt-Out, Penalty for Non-Consensual Sexting, Repeal of Switchblade Ban, and Anti-Hazing Bill

New laws took effect in Virginia on Friday, including high-profile legislation like the FY 2023-2024 budget, bills aimed at preventing animal cruelty, a bill requiring schools to notify parents about sexually explicit instructional material, and a bill requiring school principals to report misdemeanors to law enforcement.

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Michigan Supreme Court Orders Michigan Economic Development Corporation Reveal Every GM Subsidy

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation must fully disclose the total value of taxpayer subsidies it has offered to General Motors, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled.

The court’s unanimous opinion in Sole v. MEDC held the MEDC must disclose, without redactions, the total amount of corporate subsidies promised to GM.

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Pennsylvania Poised to Join EMS Grouping, Lessening Barriers for Workers

Pending the signature of Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania will be the 22nd state to join an EMS compact making it easier for emergency workers to practice across state lines.

The agreement standardizes privilege to practice rules, validates licenses in a national registry, and grants emergency medical workers the ability to work across state lines on a short-term basis. By aligning rules and standards, Pennsylvania poses fewer barriers to out-of-state workers who may relocate to the commonwealth.

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Ohio Supreme Court Allows Heartbeat Law to Remain in Effect, Denies Abortion Providers’ Request to Allow Procedure to Continue

The Ohio law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, generally at six weeks’ gestation, will remain in effect while a lawsuit filed by abortion providers continues against it.

The law took effect after the state Supreme Court denied a request by abortion providers for an emergency stay on the legislation to allow abortions to continue while the lawsuit proceeds.

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Wisconsin Groups React to SCOTUS Ruling on EPA Authority

The state’s largest business group is encouraged about fewer government regulations after the latest U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

The justices in Washington, D.C. on Thursday ruled that the EPA does not have the power to regulate power plant emissions.

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Governor DeSantis Details Advancements in State’s Civics Education

Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday detailed increased scores from students taking Florida’s 2022 civics assessments.

The test teaches “the history of our country, the exceptional nature of our form of government, and the role they play as citizens of our republic,” according to the governor’s office.

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Governor Lamont Calls on Companies in States with Abortion Bans to Relocate to Connecticut

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont pitched companies to relocate to the state, if they are currently located in a state that may implement an abortion ban.

Since the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, some states have enacted abortion bans, often correlated to when an infant’s heartbeat is detected.

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Minnesota Companies to Cover Travel Expenses for Abortions

Some Minnesota businesses are joining a growing list of companies offering travel benefits to employees who want to terminate their unborn babies. This new policy comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Target Corporation 

According to multiple sources, Target Corporation will expand its existing health care travel reimbursement policy to include costs for “reproductive services” for employees in states that ban abortion. Benefits are expected to begin this month.

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JC Bowman Weighs in on Comments Made by Governor Bill Lee’s New Education Advisor Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College

Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed Executive Director & CEO of Professional Educators of Tennessee JC Bowman in studio to comment upon the recent statements made by Hilldale College’s Larry Arnn at an event with Governor Bill Lee regarding education.

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Mark Brnovich Praises the SCOTUS Decision Against Environmental Protection Agency Overreach

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) applauded the recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) opinion, which curbed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) overreach in the nation’s power sector.

“Today’s decision is a victory for the separation of powers and the ability of the free market to bring prices down,” Brnovich said in a press release. “The federal bureaucrats at the EPA do not get to pick and choose how America produces its energy.”

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WarRoom: Neil W. McCabe Updates Steve Bannon on Tennesssee Governor Bill Lee’s Lock Step with Big Army Vaccine Mandate for National Guardsmen

Thursday morning on War Room: Pandemic, Stephen K. Bannon welcomed Washington correspondent and the national political editor for The Star News Network and The Tennessee Star, Neil W. McCabe to explain how Governor Bill of Tennessee is keeping with big army’s purge of national guardsmen.

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How Different States Are Handling Their Unvaxxed National Guardsmen

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, reports on how different governors are approaching their Army National Guardsmen who refused to comply with President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Legislation Giving Record Funding to Border Security

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) recently signed House Bill (HB) 2317 which directs $335 million to the Border Security Fund, calling it “the most meaningful border security legislation in Arizona history.”

“Arizona will not sit idly by as the Biden administration fails to do its job and safeguard our state and nation from the clear and present danger of an unsecure border,” Ducey said in a signing letter. “With this investment, we are giving our law enforcement professionals another critical resource they need to successfully do their jobs. We are standing up for the rule of law, and we are cementing Arizona’s commitment to securing our state and our entire nation.”

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Crom’s Crommentary: Challenging the Abject Failure of Government Run Schools and Those That Support It

Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio for another edition of Crom’s Crommentary.

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Host Leahy and All-Star Panelist Carmichael Discuss TN-5 Candidate General Kurt Winstead’s Support of Governor Lee’s Inaction on National Guard Vaccine Mandate

host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Crom Carmichael in studio to discuss the support by TN5 candidate Kurt Winstead of Governor Bill Lee’s inaction against COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Tennessee’s National Guardsmen.

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Tennessee National Guardsman Captain Mickey Shelton Joins WarRoom to Discuss His Efforts to Invoke Action from Governor Bill Lee

Thursday morning on War Room: Pandemic, Stephen K. Bannon welcomed Captain Mickey Shelton of the Tennessee National Guard to the show to discuss his letter sent to Governor Bill Lee to take action against COVID-19 vaccine mandates for guardsmen.

Bannon: Let me bring in captain Mickey Shelton from out in Tennessee. Captain Shelton, tell us what the situation is out there. You are an officer in the National Guard.

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Supreme Court Delivers Massive Blow to Biden’s Climate Agenda

The Supreme Court delivered a massive blow to the Biden administration’s climate change plan Thursday, severely limiting the power of federal agencies.

The Court, in a 6-3 decision on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), limited the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases from power plants, significantly curtailing the power of the federal agency. The decision restricts the agency to regulating individual power plants and not the entire power sector.

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Poll: 83 Percent of Americans Cutting Back on Personal Spending Due to Inflation

The vast majority of Americans are cutting back on their spending because of rising inflation, according to new survey data.

Provident Bank based in New Jersey released the report, which found that roughly 83% of those surveyed have cut back on personal spending due to inflation, with about 23% saying they have made “drastic changes” to their spending.

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Manchin, Sinema Defy Biden on Removing Filibuster for Abortion Law as Republicans Rally Opposition

U.S. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. and Joe Manchin, D-W.V., both told news outlets Thursday they would not go along with President Joe Biden’s request that Congress remove the Senate filibuster to “codify Roe v. Wade.”

At a news conference in Spain Thursday during Biden’s last day of an overseas trip, Biden called on Congress to codify abortion protections in response to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, but before his plane landed in the U.S. later that day, the two Democratic senators had already stopped his plan dead in its tracks.

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Commentary: A Win over Green Tyranny

The left-wing assault on American energy was just dealt a swift defeat by the United States Supreme Court. And President Donald Trump’s confirmations to the bench paved the way for it to happen. 

Never in my life would I think that gas prices would rise so steeply in such a short period of time that stations would run out of space on the pump screen to display the price. But the Biden Administration’s assault on American energy is simply unprecedented. They will try to pass the blame, but the American people know what’s happening. Green New Deal advocates are pushing for a great energy reset in America, and they don’t care how much it hurts you. 

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Poll Says Georgia Gubernatorial Race Is Too Close to Call

It’s been a hot start to Georgia’s summer and the Peach State’s gubernatorial race is a dead heat.

A new Quinnipiac University Poll found that 48% of voters support incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, while an equal number of voters support Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams.

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