National Rifle Association Endorses State Representative Scott Cepicky

In a statement released by his campaign, the National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed State Representative Scott Cepicky (R-Culleoka) for re-election in the race for Tennessee’s House District 64.

Speaking about the NRA endorsement, Cepicky said, “I am honored that the NRA recognizes my commitment to protecting our Second Amendment rights. I will continue to vehemently oppose any legislation that tries to strip away your constitutional rights, and I remain committed to our conservative values and the individual rights of the people of District 64 – and all Tennesseans.”

Representative Cepicky is running for re-election in Tennessee’s House District 64. The Republican primary election is scheduled to take place on August 4th, and early voting begins July 15th.

Previously reported, The Star spoke with Cepicky recently on the topic of Tennessee National Guard soldiers losing their jobs over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The state representative expressed his sincere support for the guardsmen.

“We’ve got that issue coming up at the end of month with our national guard members being kicked out of our military here because they haven’t taken a COVID shot. I served on the insurance committee and I briefly served on the government operations committee when I questioned Dr. Piercey about targeting people who haven’t taken a shot. We thought this had all gone away. Obviously it hasn’t with our military,” he said.

“These are individuals that have taken an oath to defend our freedoms and liberties. We owe them so much. For this type of thing to happen to them – people who would voluntarily die for our country – we need to keep that in mind here,” he continued.

“A bunch of the legislators that I know, we are going to ask very politely, that the governor not terminate these people because of their COVID beliefs. We were very successful when the federal government came after our healthcare workers about not granting them religious exemptions. We challenged that and got that fought back,” the state representative said.

This is another thing where we need to stand with our military to make sure that these men and women who will serve a post and if need be – get called to duty and die for our country, protecting us – that we stand with them as a legislature and let them know the we support you. We support your decisions on not to take something that really doesn’t have the proof one way or the other as if it is going to work our not to prevent COVID,” concluded Cepicky.

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