Three Days After FEC Deadline TN-5 Candidate Andy Ogles Has Yet to File Campaign Finance Report

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles’ campaign for the Republican nomination in the race for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat has yet to file the Federal Election Commission (FEC) second-quarter campaign finance report, as of press time.

The deadline to file the report was on July 15. The FEC second-quarter reporting period covers April 1 through June 30.

The Ogles campaign told The Tennessee Star on Monday that they were still having issues retrieving bank records and that they hoped those issues would be resolved within the next 24 to 48 hours.

The Ogles campaign may incur a fine for failing to file by the July 15 due date, but according an election law attorney, there’s not a guarantee that a fine will be levied.

The FEC can choose to fine Ogles for missing the deadline, but the process can move slowly.

A concerned citizen could elect to file a campaign finance complaint as well.

If a campaign finance complaint due to late filing is filed with the FEC, in all likelihood, nothing would come of the complaint until after the election.

Investigations into complaints can take as much as 60 to 90 days.

According to the FEC website:

Some reports are considered election sensitive because they are due right before an election. These include all pre-election reports and the October Quarterly and October Monthly Reports due in even-numbered years.

Other reports (such as the mid-year and year-end reports) are not considered election sensitive. There is a fine schedule for election sensitive reports found at 11 CFR 111.43(b) and another fine schedule for non-election sensitive reports found at 11 CFR 111.43(a).

The July second-quarter report is considered a normal report, and the election sensitive pre-primary report for Tennessee’s August 4 primaries is due to be filed on July 23.

The pre-primary report covers the dates of July 1 through July 15.

Until Monday, Ogles, Natisha Brooks, and Timothy Lee were the only candidates in the GOP primary field who failed to file.

On Monday, Brooks filed her campaign finance report with the FEC. Her report shows that she raised $44,309.15 from April 1 through June 30, spent $23,396.00, and had $20,913.15 cash on hand.

Records show that Timothy Lee’s report is still unavailable or has not been filed.

Previously reported, Former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell, retired National Guard General Kurt Winstead, combat veteran Jeff Beierlein, State Senate aide Tres Wittum, Stewart Parks, and Geni Batchelor all filed their reports on time.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitterTruth Social, and Parler.
Photo “Andy Ogles” by Mayor Andy Ogles for Congress.


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5 Thoughts to “Three Days After FEC Deadline TN-5 Candidate Andy Ogles Has Yet to File Campaign Finance Report”

  1. Maury Insider

    Mark clearly doesn’t know Harwell’s conservative record and accomplishments. Even Stuart says she has a high 86 Conservative rating.

  2. lb

    Ogles is not acquitting himself well at all. Seems like he wants the job without having to do the work to GET the job.

  3. Charles Prince

    Ogles is a joke just like his daddy donald j trump

  4. Stuart Anderson

    Again, the question arises why does Andy do what Andy does? As a financial supporter of Andy I can only look upon his fiasco of a campaign with sorrow when I think of what could have been. Why did Andy hem and haw about entering the campaign instead of entering early with gusto in order to introduce himself to the public? Why did Andy’s campaign virtually disappear from the time he declared his candidacy until a few days before early voting began? It’s all fascinating, but as I am faced with former life-long Democrat Gen. Weathervane becoming my Congressman I will simply vote for Beth Harwell and seek answers AFTER the election.

    1. Mark Knofler

      Stuart, I’m with ya. Ogles doesn’t seem to want it. It’s a hard no on Gen Milley Weathervane for us. An Beth Harwell wreeks of the Susan Collins style RINO.

      No good choices.