National Political Editor Neil W. McCabe on His Recent Interview with Jack Maxey Discussing Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contents

Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed The Tennessee Star’s national political editor Neil McCabe to the newsmaker line to discuss his recent interview with ex-Navy officer Jack Maxey, who has taken it upon himself to release a road map to the recovered contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Leahy: We are joined on our newsmaker line right now by the very best Washington correspondent in the country. He’s the national political editor for The Tennessee Star, The Star News Network, and Bronze Star recipient, Sergeant First Class Neil W. McCabe. Good morning, Neil.

McCabe: Michael, very good to be with you.

Leahy: Neil, so you really broke some national news yesterday. You had an exclusive interview with Jack Maxey about the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents. Tell our listeners who Jack Maxey is, why it’s important, and what this color of law investigation is, right?

McCabe: So, Jack is a Yale graduate. He was a Navy officer. He was injured during Navy Seal training, which that injury ended his Navy career.

And then he went into business. And like a lot of people, he got triggered politically and he became more and more active when I met him in 2017. And of course, at one point he was a co-host with Steve Bannon at the WarRoom.

And Jack made the decision that no one was paying attention to the Hunter Biden laptop as it should be paid attention to. And so he began a personal project to sort of dig into it. There’s no one who knows more about the laptop than Jack. And he’s holding a lot of stuff back.

A lot of these stories pop up. But a lot of the crazier stuff he hasn’t been able to release or even look at because of – the color of law problem is that if you’re online or you’re on a computer and you see some, I guess we’ll just say sexual misconduct, or even national security issues, right?

If you have possession of it and you’re viewing it on your own as a citizen, you are in legal jeopardy. And so he has to have law enforcement.

Carmichael: He can’t find a law enforcement officer who’s willing to watch it with him?

McCabe: Until now – he now has law enforcement officers who have said they will watch it with him and dig into some of this stuff so that he isn’t bagged.

And obviously, if this was a free country with a straight justice system, this wouldn’t be a worry. But under the current atmosphere, you don’t want to take these kind of chances.

Carmichael: Let me ask you a question. It’s my understanding is that some of the information he has was not obvious. It was buried somewhere. That’s a poor term, but he has found some information that was on some kind of server someplace that was saved. Is that correct?

McCabe: Well, there’s a lot of things going on. And one thing is that Hunter Biden synced his MacBook with all of his devices. That’s why we have text messages and emails and everything.

Leahy: Hey, Neil, just to come back on the chronology of this. It was in December 2019 that the laptop was dropped off at some point in Wilmington, Delaware.

And this guy gave, it eventually got to the FBI. They’ve done nothing with it. How did Jack Maxey obtain the backup of the Hunter Biden laptop?

McCabe: Giuliani and Bernie Kerik were the first guys to have possession of the laptop. They dropped off a copy with the Delaware State Police, and they gave Jack his copy.

Leahy: Okay, there you go. All right.

McCabe: What Jack has been able to do is he’s been able to undelete a lot of stuff because somebody used a very primitive sort of Best Buy software to sort of delete a lot of things, and they were quickly able to undo that. And another thing they did was in the hard drive, they removed the operating system.

And when they removed the operating system, that sort of revealed hundreds of thousands of photos and emails. Because when you delete something in your computer, you don’t really delete it.

You just say, it is okay to overwrite this. So if there’s no new information to overwrite it, it just sort of sits there. and it’s no longer protected.

Leahy: Why is the FBI, which is now in possession of this laptop, why have they done nothing to investigate all of these potential legal problems for Hunter Biden found on the laptop?

McCabe: That’s a great question for the FBI, because the FBI has had this because the Delaware State Police gave a copy to the FBI. The U.S. Attorney in Delaware has been sitting on it. And Jack told me that his sources say that it hasn’t moved.

And so Jack had to go to Switzerland for the better part of six months just because of sort of threats that were made against him here in the United States.

He told me that he paid cash for his taxi. He went to a hotel under an assumed name. He paid cash for his room, and he woke up his first morning in Switzerland, and the FBI was in the lobby.

Leahy: Wow. The FBI is tracking Jack Maxey into Switzerland.

McCabe: Yes. And so he’s out of Switzerland now, and I spoke to him. He’s out at his current safe house. But there’s so much with this laptop. This is like the ultimate defense for the Biden family and how they mix public service and private gain, is that you don’t know where to dig.

And Jack is mapping the hard drive. He’s trying to make it so that people can digest it and search it, but he’s trying to do it in a responsible way. And that’s why he needs law enforcement to look at some of this stuff.

Leahy: So what happens next? Will there be sheriffs who review this with him under, as you say, color of law? And then what happens next with the information they unveil?

McCabe: Then Jack has some cover to either release it himself or he can then say to law enforcement, other law enforcement agencies, why don’t you do this? I mean, there were very credible … there was a very good reason for the Delaware State Police Child Protection Services to visit members of Biden’s family to see if they were okay.

Those visits were never made. And apparently there are other women who are part of sort of sex trafficking that Jack says, he says that he can maybe save some of these people and get them out of that situation, but he has to do it under the color of law and not going rogue.

Listen to the interview:

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