Tennessee State Representative Torrey Harris Arrested for Assault, Theft Charges

Tennessee State Representative Torrey Harris (D-Memphis) was arrested on Sunday on assault, domestic bodily injury, and theft of property charges.

An affidavit alleges the state lawmaker and an individual, who is identified as Harris’s ex-boyfriend, got into a physical altercation when Harris returned a dog.

Upon arrival, the document contends the two began speaking of their relationship and Harris used physical force to block Terence Nealy from leaving the apartment.

However, the Memphis legislator contends he is innocent and detailed that he will plead “not guilty” to the charges.

“I first want to say thank you for all the support and to those who have reached out during this time,” he wrote in a statement. “I have retained legal counsel and myself and the team are working diligently to cooperate with the investigation. I maintain my innocence and will plead not guilty to the charges. I know that at the end of this I will be cleared of all allegations.”

The ex-boyfriend, Nealy, also informed law enforcement that he noticed possessions missing from his apartment, including a laptop, game console, and shoes. Harris claimed the items were gifts for Nealy.

“My focus will remain on serving the people as it always has been, but my ask is that if someone you know – loved one, friend, or neighbor is battling with mental health, that you help them as best as you can. Never deter from supporting those who need us even at their toughest moments,” Harris added.

“This has been a lived example that will help me better help those I serve. Trust me, I have already noticed steps in policy that lawmakers like myself must work to improve throughout the justice system.”

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]

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    I stopped after reading D Memphis Tells me all I need to know

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