If Elected to Congress, TN-5 Candidate Beierlein’s Number One Task: Impeach Mayorkas

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed TN-5 congressional candidate Jeff Beierlein in-studio to discuss Alejandro Mayorkas’s blatant lies about the southern border and his number one goal if elected to Congress in 2022.

Leahy: In the hot seat, Jeff Beierlein, West Point grad, combat veteran, healthcare executive, and now a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 5th Congressional District in Tennessee. By the way, that district has been represented by Democrats since 1875.

It’s currently a safe district, but because of redistricting now, it’s a likely Republican pickup. It includes parts of Davidson, Wilson, Williamson County, all of Marshall, Maury, and Lewis counties. I’m looking at the news and the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, by the way, was born in Cuba in 1959, and came over here as a child. Interesting.  We’ll come back to that in a bit on Tuesday at the Aspen Security Forum. This is where all the globalists go.

Simon: They want to go to a poor place.

Leahy: No, he said the border is secure. Are you kidding me? Your thoughts about Alejandro Mayorcas and what would you do with Alejandro Mayorkas if you were elected and served and sworn into Congress in January 2022?

Beierlein: Sure, Michael. My first question is, I don’t know what border he’s talking about. We build a wall around the Supreme Court. We build a wall around Congress. There’s already one around the White House.

We refuse to build a wall or secure our southern border that has taken the lives of over 107,000 Americans this year due to the drug influx. We’ve lost almost 800 people just at the border.

If you remember, two weeks ago, the 51 migrants who died in the back of a van. And just a miserable death, including children. It’s unbelievable, their dereliction.

And I look at it this way  I don’t think it’s an accident. I think they’re trying to deceive the American people beyond just obfuscation. They’re derelict in their responsibilities.

Simon: Well, you know, I learned a Russian word today called vranyo, which comes from the Soviet Union. It’s a word for they’re lying. We know they’re lying, and they know we know they’re lying. Vranyo.

Leahy: Vranyo. A good description of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. And that’s the word that comes to mind. The guy is lying through his teeth. Everybody knows he’s lying. We have millions of illegal aliens just walking across the border and then getting all sorts of benefits from the United States of America.

Simon: And he knows we know he’s lying. Everybody knows.

Beierlein: Michael, I want to put this in perspective as well, when you look at it this way. Fifty years ago, excuse me, 53 years ago yesterday, we put a man on the moon. We put two men on there. Actually, we didn’t really talk about that.

The importance of this we have the technology to do this. I look at deterrence. An invisible deterrence is not deterrence. Deterrence equates the capability, times will.

We clearly have the capabilities technologically to shut this down and build barriers, working with the Mexicans on this as well. We lack the will.

I think our refusal to engage with the Mexican government to stop these caravans from coming further north, and to use our economic leverage where we have almost a $100 billion dollar trade deficit with them, we could shut down trade and get them to stop these caravans and other nefarious forces coming forward.

Leahy: Alejandro Mayorkas is not enforcing our immigration laws. In fact, he’s doing the exact opposite. We talked about this. You said that if you were elected you would …

Beierlein: He should be number one, to be impeached.

Leahy: You would impeach him.

Beierlein: Absolutely number one.

Leahy: Yeah, I think you’re right about that.

Simon: I think he could be a Cuban agent, because that’s what he behaves like.

Leahy: We’re in the land of speculation here now. But … Born in Cuba, came here. It doesn’t make sense what he’s doing, failing to enforce immigration law and doing the exact opposite of immigration law. It makes no logical sense.

Simon: At the same time as lying to people publicly in a way that everyone knows he’s lying.

Beierlein: I look at it this way. Who are we kidding here, Michael? They’re doing this administration to change the face of America with an expectation that there’s political gain.

They don’t care about people, and sadly enough, they’re putting folks’ lives at risk for their political agenda. And this is the liberal world order. This is what they want.

Leahy: And I think if you were elected to Congress and you did introduce articles of impeachment, I would think, and if the Republicans take over the House of Representatives, it would seem to me that impeachment of Mayorkas for failing to enforce our immigration law would almost certainly pass. It would seem to me. Your thoughts?

Beierlein: Sure. I have no doubt. The question is … could you get both Houses? What would happen with the Senate?

Simon: Would the Senate convict?

Beierlein: At the end of the day that’s a great game plan. But the first thing folks need to do is go out and vote. We need to take back the House first, and we need to win the Senate because the balance in the Senate is not a given.

Leahy: Well, right now our listeners are focused on the 5th Congressional District race. There are three other districts here in our listening audience. The 6th Congressional District, where John Rose will get the GOP nomination. He’s got really no general election opposition.

In the 4th district, Scott DesJarlais will get the GOP nomination. He’s unopposed, and I don’t think he’s got much in the way of competition.

In the 7th district. Mark Green will get the nomination. His challenger is Odessa Kelly, who is a left-wing lunatic, and she would be right in line with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Simon: If she were running in West Hollywood she’d have a good shot.

Beierlein: She’d have a good shot in West Hollywood. Sure. I just want to bring up one more point, that the stakes are really high to get this right for so many folks, who might complain or see news and be able to react to it, you have a choice. And that choice involves voting. Just one more anecdote about the border for me personally, I’ve lived down there as a Christian serving the immigrants.

Leahy: Where?

Beierlein: Down on the border in Brownsville, Texas, for a couple of weeks when I was a young man.

Leahy: You lived there for a couple of weeks?

Beierlein: Absolutely. It was a homeless shelter, on a mission trip. I went to Catholic school up in Ohio. It’s all about service.

Leahy: Of course, a good Catholic boy from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Beierlein: I have nothing against immigrants. I married an immigrant. But she would be the first to say, build the wall, build it higher. It cannot be a free-for-all. Then the other part is my time in Central America where we’re fighting the war on drugs.

We understood how serious this was, and things have only gotten worse. The Mexican cartels are in bed with the Chinese and they are flooding our country with these dangerous drugs that are killing Americans.

Simon: And it’s deliberate.

Listen to the interview:

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