Beth Harwell Blasts ‘Washington D.C. Groups Trying to Buy Tennessee’s 5th District’, Says ‘D.C. Swamp Will Control Andy Ogles’

Tennessee 5th Congressional candidate Beth Harwell called out “Washington D.C. groups trying to buy Tennessee’s 5th District” and said “the D.C. Swamp will control Andy Ogles.”

“Tennessee’s 5th District has become the newest playground for Washington D.C. insider groups looking to handpick the next representative. They can’t vote in this district, I bet most have never even been to Tennessee, but they’ve spent millions misleading voters and propping up Andy Ogles,” the former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives said in a press statement.

The Harwell campaign statement then lists the number of expenditures made by Club for Growth-affiliated groups to attack her and other members of the TN-5 field, as well as the amount of money spent by the Koch-controlled organization that is spending money to support Ogles.

“The Club for Growth-aligned groups (School Freedom Fund and USA Freedom Fund) have spent about $1.6 million on attack ads against Beth Harwell and other opponents. The Pro-Amnesty group, Americans for Prosperity, has spent over $250,000 supporting Andy Ogles. At the same time, Andy Ogles has only raised about $243,000 in contributions to his campaign,” the Harwell campaign said.

“It’s clear if Andy Ogles wins, he will be controlled by the D.C. swamp. He owes everything to them and I don’t think that’s right for the people of Middle Tennessee,” Harwell added in the statement.

“All of this comes after Andy Ogles admitted to coordinating with outside groups while he was an official candidate for Congress three weeks into the campaign,” added the campaign.

“As Speaker of the House, Beth Harwell led the fight to cut the more taxes in her eight-year tenure than ever before in Tennessee history; passed pro-business policies making Tennessee one of the top 5 states in the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index in 2017; and took on illegal immigration putting Tennesseans first,” the statement concluded.

The Tennesse Star previously reported the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List’s candidate fund political action committee endorsed Harwell in the race for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat.

“Beth Harwell is a faithful champion of the unborn who proves that pro-life is truly pro-woman,” said Hon. Marilyn Musgrave, SBA List’s vice president of government affairs.

“Beth’s dynamic efforts as House speaker led to a pro-life constitutional amendment, strongly approved by voters, paving the way for swift enactment of life-saving laws. She did not rest, but immediately put her support behind health and safety requirements to hold the profit-driven abortion industry accountable, as well as legislation to protect women’s right to see an ultrasound and hear their baby’s heartbeat,” she said.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitterTruth Social, and Parler.
Photo “Beth Harwell” by Beth Harwell. 




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5 Thoughts to “Beth Harwell Blasts ‘Washington D.C. Groups Trying to Buy Tennessee’s 5th District’, Says ‘D.C. Swamp Will Control Andy Ogles’”

  1. John Bumpus

    In doing further research, I found the following online:

    The Code of Conduct of the TVA Board of Directors reads, in pertinent part, as follows:
    Political Activity
    Directors may engage in any political activity or serve in any public office where such activity or service will not
    • violate any applicable laws,
    • interfere with their statutory duty to support the objectives and missions of TVA as outlined in the TVA Act,
    • raise any question as to the independence of the Director’s judgment or ability to perform his or her duties with TVA, or
    • be interpreted as associating TVA with any political party or partisan political activity.
    . . . . . . .
    Waivers of This Code
    All Directors are expected to follow the standards and principles outlined in this Code. Any waiver from any part of this Code requires the express written approval of the Board or the AFRC (Audit, Finance, Risk and Cybersecurity {or any successor committee with responsibility for audit functions}) Committee, following the disclosure of all relevant information, and will be promptly disclosed as required by law.

    This is from the public notice of the May 11, 2022 quarterly public business meeting of the TVA Board of Directors conducted at the Rollins Campus Center at Young Harris College, in Young Harris, Georgia.

  2. Mark Knofler

    Look at where her sign are in Davidson County, large majority in Liberal yards. Who cares about here Buy Talking Points Conservative Ratings. If lubs are for her, it’s for a reason.

    Just say no to this Susan Collins RINO.

  3. Nancy

    Beth Harwell! She was the single individual that consistently held back votes for school choice and constitutional carry of firearms! Harwell did support RINO Bill Haslum,s large gas tax hike! Tennesseans pay one of the highest gas tax rates in the united states! I would conclude by saying Harwell was part of the liberal Bill Haslum group! If you like tax increases and a politician jumping from one political office to another Harwell is your choice!
    Harwell is to Risky!

  4. 83ragtop50

    I would take Ogles over Harwell in a heartbeat. She was a political hack and zero as the state house speaker. Winstead does not show up on my radar.

  5. John Bumpus

    Beth Harwell was appointed to a term of office on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Board of Directors with her term expiring on May 18, 2024. The last information that I have is that TVA Board members receive $45,000 per year in compensation for their services. I also presume that Board members receive per diem expenses for travel, lodging, etc. while performing their duties.

    Has Harwell resigned from her TVA Board position in that she is now campaigning for the Republican nomination for new Tennessee Fifth Congressional District seat?

    It strikes me as hypocritical that Harwell has charged that Andy Ogles, if nominated and elected, will be controlled by the D. C. swamp when she is certainly ‘swampy’ herself.