Mark Walters of American Armed Radio Warns the Democratic Party Is Coming for Your Guns

Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – official guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed Mark Walters creator of Armed American Radio and Armed American News to discuss how the Democrat-controlled mainstream media is gaslighting the American people and their intent to take away your guns.

Gulbransen: On our newsmaker line, we have my good friend Mark Walters of Armed American Radio. How are you doing today, Mark?

Walters: I’m doing great. Good morning, Aaron. How are you, brother?

Gulbransen: I’m doing all right. It’s been a few weeks, so, you know, I wanted to have you on. And for those of our audience who have not been paying attention to what’s been going around the country, what’s the latest on what’s going on with the Second Amendment news?

Walters: Oh, gosh. Regarding the Second Amendment, there’s no news queue up at the end of the show music. Let’s just call it a day. (Laughter) Good heavens. Where do you want to start? I think the top story over the last week.

Of course, has been I’d say it trump’s pretty much anything else pun intended is that House Oversight Committee hearing. The dog and pony show that occurred when the Democrats telegraphed for Americans what their true intentions are for the Second Amendment.

That being attacking the gun industry through manufacturers that they had up on the hearing a couple of days ago. Marty Daniel, the CEO of Daniel Defense, and Chris Colloid, the CEO of Ruger Etc.

And the Democrats made it very clear in that House Oversight hearing, from their opening statement all the way on through their line of questioning, what it is they have in store for the right to keep and bear arms, and that is to take everything away from you. That is their goal. And of course, Jerry Nadler, so stupid that he is, Nadler could be a whole show himself.

But Nadler, of course, was caught by Representative Bishop out of North Carolina when he asked, is there anybody on the other side who will explain to me whether or not this bill of yours, the assault weapons bill ban, which Nadler wrote, does it take away guns in common uses, advanced guns in common use? And Nadler said, yes, that’s the point of the bill. So let’s go from there.

Gulbransen: He’s saying the quiet part out loud, of course.

Walters: I’m sure. Sometimes they slip up. Sometimes they slip up and do that. Yes. But we already know that. And it is great when they come out and say that, because it vindicates us. We’ve been talking about this for years.

We know that’s their ultimate goal. If you hear the author of the bill banning your guns, say yes. That’s the goal of the bill. Pretty much tells you everything you need to hear.

So those of you who might be listening  thinking, well, I’m a Democrat and I love my guns. They’ll never take our guns. Yes, they will. That’s what their goal is.

Gulbransen: Yes. Their goal is to ultimately obliterate the Second Amendment and take away the people’s right to keep and bear arms. And then after that, of course, what we saw during the COVID lockdowns and all of the mandates will turn into be far worse without the Second Amendment. I mean, look at what happened in Australia. That’s just a perfect example of it.

Gulbransen: We here in Tennessee, and I say this sarcastically, we’re very proud of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen’s little lecture that he gave to the Judiciary Committee Republicans on their lack of support on the falsely named assault weapons ban.

I’m waiting for the assault pencils and the assault, I don’t know, baseball bat ban to come out from them. What are you seeing in terms of pushback on this? Republicans are obviously not supporting it, but they’re also not the majority at the moment.

Walters: That therein lies part of the problem. That right. There is more proof positive that elections have consequences, of course, but we know these things. Let me go back and address your comments about an assault pencil, et cetera.

When you say it’s misnamed, it is misnamed. Assault is a verb. This is a question I asked my listeners over the years. If I beat you to death with a baseball bat, did I beat you with an assault bat or did I assault you with a baseball bat?

So when you have big media behind you, as the Democrats do, they can get away with calling anything they want. We live in such an upside-down world that we have a president of the United States, along with the media, telling Americans that we’re not in recession when we have just suffered through two quarters of recession.

We know. I studied business in college. That was my major. We studied economics. We know what a recession is. But we’re being gaslighted right now into believing that it’s not really true. If I put on a dress today and identify as a woman, I’m a woman because that’s what I call myself.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think America would go down this rabbit hole, yet we’re down the rabbit hole, and now we’re trying to find a way out. And I don’t know that we find a way out.

When you have this level of and I’m going to use the word confusion. And here’s why there are Americans right now scratching their heads thinking, well, maybe a man can get pregnant.

Maybe I’ve been wrong all these years. That’s the power of the mainstream press. And the Democrats know how to play the mainstream press because they own the mainstream press.

So this is very, very dangerous territory that we’re treading water in right now when people can be told things that we know are wrong and then begin questioning them.

Decent, hard-working. I mean, I myself have done it. Could the NRA really be because they’re getting beaten up constantly until you snap out of it and go, guys, what are you doing?

This is very dangerous times that we live in right now, and I wanted to address that. I apologize, but I wanted to address that because it’s very important. The point you brought up the fact that that is misnamed. That’s what the Democrats do.

That’s how they gaslight people into believing certain things and selling certain policies. They are literally talking about taking away millions of Americans’ firearms. Let’s just contradict that now, with what’s happening or put it in context, I should say, with what’s happening in Canada right now.

Canada, as of yesterday, is offering up to almost 6,200 Canadian dollars for buying back your assault weapon. That’s their proposed number to buy back your assault weapon.

However, there’s nothing proposed about it because in the same sentence, they tell you that the buyback is mandatory. And that move is being championed by American gun grabber groups and gun grabber groups the world over.

We’ve never seen a ban or a confiscation anywhere in the world that American gun grabbers have not championed. And American gun owners need to wake up to this fact and do it quickly.

We have a party in power in Washington, D.C. right now. Now, there’s some confusion. Maybe you can help me with this one. I heard yesterday that Nancy Pelosi didn’t have enough votes and was hesitating to put the ‘assault weapons’ ban bill to the floor for a vote. Then yesterday I saw something stating that it would be going to a vote as soon as today.

So I need to get confirmation on that. I’m not sure yet which one is going. The fact of the matter is there is a bill out there that every single Democrat for the most part, maybe, with the exception of one or two, will vote on to take away your guns. If that’s not a warning and a red flag, to use their term enough then I don’t know what is.

Listen to the interview:

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4 Thoughts to “Mark Walters of American Armed Radio Warns the Democratic Party Is Coming for Your Guns”

  1. william r. delzell

    They merely want to make sure that only LEGITIMATE gun-owners have guns, and then only for either hunting or for self-defense. That means no ASSAULT rifles, Saturday Night Specials, etc. They have no problem with those who own hunting rifles, who use their guns legitimately, and who register them with the government. That’s all the government asks for. I find it strange that these Second Amendment Absolutists do not speak out against registration for the draft. The draft (especially one that singles out the MALE gender) is a far worse infringement on individual liberty than gun control. If I have to choose between registering my gun OR registering my son (or daughter), I will opt for the FORMER any old day! At least, a gun is not human; it’s a non-living object.

    1. Ron W

      I also agree on the draft since it violates the 13th Amendment against involuntary servitude and our governments and does enter into Congressionally undeclared, unconstitutional global interventionist wars. No rights should be violated or mandated.

      Otherwise, aside from the 2nd Amendmrnt which restricts government power, the government has no delegated power for gun control pertaining to the People without which it may lawfully do NOTHING . Doing so violates the wording of the 10th Amendment. Also with the AWB, they EXEMPT THEMSELVES , armed government agents and even its retirees. That’s a violation of “the equal protection of the laws” in the 14th Amendment., which with the 13th ended slavery, of which a two- tiered justice system is a vestige.

      Tyranny is defined by what is legal for the government is illegal for the citizenry.”
      —Thomas Jefferson

    2. Steve Allen

      The laws currently on the books state that only people who meet certain criteria are allowed to own firearms. Based on that statement I would like to provide the following.

      There are many people who should not be allowed to own firearms due to behavioral issues. The problem is that those who are aware of these issues do not notify the proper authorities.

      Additionally, the majority of shootings in America are committed by people who are criminals and legally cannot be in possession of the firearms they use to commit said crimes. Criminals are criminals because the do not obey the existing laws. If you think passing more laws is going to change their criminal behavior, you’re on drugs.

      As to the draft. The draft has not been used since the Viet Nam war. Now there is talk of using it to fill the shocking shortage of American war fighters. Why is this? Because of the Biden administrations total mismanagement of our armed services. Specifically forcing what I will refer to as woke, leftist ideology down the throats of the enlisted. If what I am reading is true about the current standing of our military, I certainly need my own firearms to protect me and my family from foreign invaders, as well as the governments miscreant lackeys.

      One last point. Throughout history firearms registration has lead to firearms confiscation, which has lead to genocide.

  2. Ron W

    It’s a fact of history that :


    That’s especially true when they EXEMPT THEMSELVES and their agents to take from you what they have and keep for themselves.

    “Tyranny may be defined by that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

    —Thomas Jefferson