Michigan Congressional Challenger John Gibbs: I Have Never Trailed Against Anti-Trump House Republican Meijer

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed former senior White House senior staffer for President Donald J. Trump John Gibbs about his primary fight against Representative Peter Meijer in the Aug. 2 primary for the GOP nomination for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District.


McCabe: House Democrats voted on January 13, 2021, to impeach President Donald J. Trump for the second time. Joining the Democrats were 10 House Republicans, including Michigan’s Peter Meijer.

Former senior Trump White House staffer John Gibbs told The Michigan Star and The Star News Network why he feels good about his chances against Meijer in the August 2nd primary.

Gibbs: Every poll we see shows that I’m up. There’s never been a single poll showing Peter Meijer winning. So I think people are doing that here. They’re noticing that. We’re getting out there. We’re visiting every single city and township in the new district here.

We’ll be done doing that this week. Primaries are really important. People need to pay attention to the primaries. People need to know who’s on the ballot. And people, I think, need to not just automatically assume that they also have to vote for the incumbent.

I think people have to be smart about it. Sometimes an incumbent can be great. In that case, you can vote for them. Sometimes they’re not. In that case, people need to do their homework and find another choice.

McCabe: Gibbs said the voters in his West Michigan district couldn’t believe what Meijer had done.

Gibbs: It’s quite shocking indeed that Peter Meijer would vote to impeach Trump. It’s quite remarkable, quite shocking, to put it lightly. And people in the district feel the same way.

All the people that donated money to him, knocked on doors for him, put up yards signs for him are extremely betrayed at what he did. It’s a very emotional response. He gets just roasted wherever he goes.

McCabe: Gibbs is endorsed by the Thomas Jefferson Society, a political action committee backed by Trump alumni. And he got a big boost from the man himself.

(Donald Trump clip plays)

Trump: John Gibbs – a brave man, a great man, a brilliant student. Come on up.

Gibbs: First of all, thank you, President Trump.

McCabe: In another twist, House Democrats are running ads for Gibbs, betting conservatives are more vulnerable in November.

(Ad plays)

John Gibbs is too conservative for West Michigan. Handpicked by Trump to run for Congress, Gibbs called Trump the greatest president.

McCabe: Meanwhile, Meijer continues his own slide to the Left.

Gibbs: He voted for this red flag law, the biggest gun control bill in decades, along with Nancy Pelosi and every single Democrat in the House.

He joined all of them, along with only 13 other Republicans. A very small handful to vote for this gun control bill. And people are just up in arms, rightfully so. It’s a huge betrayal.

McCabe: Reporting for The Michigan Star and The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.



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