TN-61 Candidate Gino Bulso Talks Twofold Agenda: Federal and Local Governments

Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed candidate for TN-61, attorney Gino Bulso, in-studio to discuss his top two agenda items for his district in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Leahy: We are joined in-studio by Gino Bulso, who is running for state representative in Williamson County. Good morning, Gino.

Bulso: Good morning, Michael. Thank you for having me back.

Leahy: Williamson County: What part of the county does the district in which you are running cover?

Bulso: District 61 is principally the northeast corner of Williamson County. It covers most of Brentwood but then expands west all the way to the Horseshoe Bend community on Vaughn Road and down to Sneed Road and then further out west to Temple Hills and then all the way south to Highway 96 into Franklin and then back to 65.

Leahy: That’s quite a district.

Bulso: It’s a good chunk.

Leahy: If you go 65 down to 96 and then you go west for five or six miles. That’s a great district.

Bulso: That’s a fun district. I’ll pick up the Temple Hills community, Grassland community, the Wilson farms, and Pike communities. Many great communities all throughout that district.

Leahy: You are one of the most successful and well-respected attorneys in Middle Tennessee. The long list of your legal victories, we can’t go through them all right now, but it’s a long list.

And you are the number one go-to guy for a lot of people who are in Middle Tennessee in federal court. Is it federal court only, or federal and state?

Bulso: Both federal and state in Tennessee and across the country. I’ve actually had the pleasure twice of representing the state of Tennessee in federal court on constitutional issues, once at the request of Governor Sundquist and a second time at Haslam’s request.

Leahy: You are singing my tune here. (Bulso chuckles) I’m a big fan of the re-emergence of federalism.

Bulso: Yes.

Leahy: Is that what your agenda would be if you got elected to the State House of Representatives?

Bulso: It would be. My agenda would be twofold. What’s unique about our state government is it looks both outward to the federal government and inward to our local governments because our state government created both of those.

The state government created the federal government back in 1787 and later created local governments. And in our particular case, Williamson County was created by our state legislature in 1799. So I’m going to have a dual focus.

One is looking outward from the state legislature by using the Tenth amendment to rein in the out-of-control federal spending that’s just killing us and causing this rampant inflation.

But then secondly, I’ll be having a second, local focus on the local government trying to have more funds available in the case of Williamson County to build up the infrastructure both above ground and underground to handle the development that we need and are experiencing.

Leahy: Williamson County is a special case isn’t it? There are 95 counties in the state of Tennessee. I think Williamson County is the most affluent of those counties. Is that right?

Bulso: I think it certainly is. In fact, I think you could expand that beyond the state and say it is one of the most affluent counties anywhere in the country.

Leahy: Everybody wants to move here. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a beautiful place.

Bulso: And that’s why the big challenge is to preserve what makes it special. And you want to have a community that keeps attracting not only visitors across the country but that it’s still a place where folks want to work and play. And right now, we have growth that will double our size.

Listen to the interview:

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One Thought to “TN-61 Candidate Gino Bulso Talks Twofold Agenda: Federal and Local Governments”

  1. Stuart I. Anderson

    Fellow 61st District conservatives, Gino is our best bet to be represented by a conservative stalwart in the General Assembly. Gino is an outspoken advocate of school choice and he is supported by Tennessee Stands whereas his opponent, Bob Ravener, has been endorsed by the teacher’s union and a roster of who’s who of Republicans from the centrist/tepid conservative Williamson County Republican political establishment. VOTE BULSO!