All-Star Panelist Roger Simon Talks Election Integrity and the Political Posturing of China

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in-studio to discuss election integrity and the political posturing of China.

Gulbransen: We have in-studio, all-star panelist, Epoch Times Editor-at-Large and all-around conservative media legend, Roger Simon. We’re having a fun time this morning.

Simon: Always do.

Gulbransen: Always do. We also smoke a cigar from time to time, which is always a good time. There you go.

Simon: But maybe not healthy.

Gulbransen: (Laughs) Hey, I’ll defend my right to smoke cigars until I die. Anyway, later on, actually in about 10 minutes or so, we’re going to have U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn join us. Which, by the way, if you’re paying attention to Arizona, we were talking about that offline – 83 percent of the vote has been counted, and Kari Lake has a lead of 12,000 votes.

Presumably, if you buy what these numbers are on these websites, there’s supposedly 143,000 left to go. The only county in the state that it appears that Kari Lake’s opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, is leading in is Maricopa County.

Simon: I’m shocked. Our system of voting – here’s a big word for the audience, anti-diluvian, which means before the deluge, okay? That’s a long time ago. And I’ll tell you this, that we’ve got to learn from the French, of all people. I’m loathe to say it – the famous French that caved in to Hitler.

Anyway, the French are able to stage an election on paper ballots, therefore verifiable, in about 24 hours they know the answers. How is it we unable to count, or is counting a new act of fiction in our country?

Gulbransen: Well, we can’t define what the word “woman” means anymore and presumably the word “man.” We can’t define what “recession” means.

Simon: And two plus two may not equal four.

Gulbransen: Exactly. Congressman Mark Green has a really funny video on his Twitter, and there’s a story about this on where he was holding a fly swatter in his hand and he said – I forget what he said – this is something else. But at the end of it he said, and dear President Biden, I’m paraphrasing, one plus one does equal two, and we are in a recession.

Simon: That’s political garbage on one level. But on a deeper level, if we don’t fix our election system, we’re going to have a split culture into 1,000 years. This is serious stuff if we don’t do it.

No one wants to do it. Some Republicans, not all, want to do it. Almost no Democrats want to do it. It’s a scary situation if you look at it. And you think you’re in a democracy.

Gulbransen: Right. And we’ve had voter fraud problems going on in this country for a very long time. Hey, gee, Nixon-Kennedy, for example. There is always election impropriety. There’s always problems.

And I remember very clearly in 2008 being on a number of conference calls with people, with consultants and political operatives and party leaders that were so concerned about the potential for voter fraud that they were doing everything they can. And then they turn out 14 years later and they’re saying to this day, oh, it’s not really a problem. What happened in the 14 years?

Simon: The fancy term from Belgium, from this professor over there, is “mass formation psychosis,” isn’t it? I think we’ve got that not just on the election, but on almost every aspect of our culture. It’s not the same place as it was when we were growing up, sad to say.

Gulbransen: I do have a friend that is very fond of saying, and it’s very insulting, but I do have a friend who’s very fond of saying the only thing dumber than one person is a group of them. So there you go. (Laughter)

Simon: Well, history says that person was right.

Gulbransen: But speaking of identifying, you pointed something out to me. Paul Pelosi – of course, he’s been in the news for his driving situation issues – but he was driving a [Porsche] 911, right?

Simon: He was driving an 911, which cost upwards of $200,000.

Gulbransen: That’s not a green car.

Simon: About as ungreen as it gets. In fact, Porsche just released something, because I wrote an article for The Epoch Times on this, that the 911 will not be green or electric until 2030 at the least.

A lot of people like Paul Pelosi like to go vroom-vroom at four in the morning and hit people. Now, the other thing I learned about Paul Pelosi, which I think everybody knows, and which makes this whole China junket of his wife suspect, is that his list of investments include all the big companies that are working very well with China, like Apple, Microsoft, Google, I mean Alphabet, et cetera, et cetera.

When the Chinese did not do anything other than bristle a lot and send jets in the air when Pelosi arrived in Taiwan, is really because they know who their friends really are.

Gulbransen: These days start to run together when you’re getting up at three in the morning. But as I said yesterday, to somebody, whether on the air or off the air, they wouldn’t do anything to hurt the golden goose that they’ve got in the U.S.

Simon: Not at all! They have their domestic issues like we do. Xi has to look powerful … et cetera, et cetera. But when you get down to it, what H.L. Mencken said is true: when they say it’s not about the money me, it’s about the money.

Gulbransen: Right. And China, all political posturing by them, and our current leadership aside, they are thrilled. I can’t imagine they’re not thrilled with having Biden in the White House, Pelosi as the Speaker and, as Rush Limbaugh used to say, Chuck U. Schumer at the helm – that’s Chuck, C-H-U – Chuck Schumer as the Senate Majority Leader.

Simon: Well, just check the investments of all, and that will tell you the story. With Biden, there’s more to it, and we can assume the big difference is that the Chinese know all the contents of Hunter’s laptop.

Why wouldn’t they? They have intelligence agencies as do many other countries who also probably know it. You don’t even need that to know where the bread is buttered.

Listen to the interview:

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