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4 Thoughts to “School Choice Foes Want Injunction Against Tennessee’s Education Savings Account Program”

  1. Nancy

    I agree with the Governor! We need school choice! May the best schools win! We have let teachers remove civics, Technical Training, history and business training from our public schools. Schools should be operated by experienced business men and women and have assistants with education skills to develop the curriculum that guides children to support their self and has a high degree of successfully making them independent thinkers. Public schools have become way to political including the classroom teachers! Schools exist to teach children about how to acquire a set of skills to make a living in the work place! And finally understand how to make choices that can help them get through life as an adult! Teachers in public schools have destroyed the purpose of schools! We need a lot private schools! Public schools should adopt a pay for specific outcomes system. As an example pay the school administrators based on test scores, teaching technical skills based on how many graduates go into the work place immediately from graduating from high school, and graduation rates. A pay for performance outcomes would change how public schools are operated and help our communities with trained capable individuals ready to start a business or get a good paying job. I am proud of the Governor and the Tennessee legislature for allowing school vouchers! In life the best skilled and decision making choices promote real success and make local communities stringer!

  2. FJB

    The SPLC is attempting to frustrate the desire of poor families to escape failing schools. The irony is rich.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Figures that these two beyond crazy liberal operations would want to protect failing schools and their teacher’s union while denying children the opportunity to succeed.

    1. Chris

      It certainly does.

      These opponents of quality instruction for children only care about teachers-not students