Wisconsin Election Special Counsel Michael Gableman Endorses Steen over Vos in Contested Primary

by Benjamin Yount


There doesn’t appear to be much left of the relationship between Robin Vos and Michael Gableman.

Gableman, who Vos hired to run the investigation into the 2020 election in the state, is endorsing Vos’ opponent in Tuesday’s primary election and going after the Assembly Speaker in a new robocall for his opponent.

“You know Robin Vos never wanted a real investigation into the 2020 election in Wisconsin,” Gableman said in the call. “Everything that my office and I have been able to do to expose all the corruption that took place has been in spite of Robin and not because of him.”

Vos hired Gableman back in early 2021 to look into questions about voter fraud and voter irregularities in the last presidential vote. That investigation remains open, and has produced little more than an open-ended report and a handful of lawsuits.

The robocall is not the first time Gableman has endorsed Vos’ opponent, Adam Steen.

Gableman threw his support behind Steen during former President Trump’s campaign visit to Waukesha on Friday.

Vos said Gableman’s decision to get involved in his race for the Assembly is telling.

“Justice Gableman knows overturning the election is both unconstitutional and impossible. His attempts to lie to voters and gain favor with Adam Steen are sad and show how desperate he is to remain relevant,” Vos said in a statement.

Steen has gained a lot of attention during his campaign against Vos, but it’s unclear if he has any support. There is a huge fundraising gap between the two, and there hasn’t been any polling made public about the race.

Gableman’s investigation is technically still open, and Vos’ office is still paying the bills. It remains to be seen just how long that will continue if Vos wins his primary on Tuesday.

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Benjamin Yount is a regular contributor to The Center Square.
Photo “Adam Steen and Michael Gableman” by Adam Steen Conservative for the 63rd.


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