Elite Nashville Girl’s School Will Allow Anyone Who Identifies as a Girl to Attend

An elite girl’s school that has become increasingly woke in past years now says that any student who identifies as a girl will be allowed to attend.

“Harpeth Hall is a girls school. The school culture is unique and distinctly about girls, complete with the use of references to students as girls and young women and the collective use of female pronouns,” says a Gender Diversity Philosophy document obtained by The Tennessee Star. “Any student who identifies as a girl may apply to our school. Students who join and remain at Harpeth Hall do so because our mission as a school for girls resonates with them.”

The school says that even though it is for girls, it will not limit pronoun usage to only female pronouns.

“Harpeth Hall acknowledges the developmental journey of each student and recognizes that adolescence includes natural searching and questioning about many topics,” says the school’s new gender policy. “For some students, this may include the question of gender identity and the desire to identify as nonbinary or use they/them pronouns.”

“Harpeth Hall approaches gender identity with understanding and open communication, rather than with shame or othering, and will provide a safe environment to partner with each student and family to consider the needs and requests of the student on an individual basis,” it continues.

The school stops just short of allowing girls who identify as boys to attend, saying that if a student “communicates a desire to be identified as male or adopt he/him pronouns, we recognize that our school, being a girls school, may no longer be a place that serves that student well.”

It couches that policy by saying it is one of respect for boys, or girls who identify as boys.

“We see this acknowledgment as the ultimate form of respect: an understanding that we support the individual and the student’s gender identity,” the school policy says. “Harpeth Hall administration will work thoughtfully with the student and family to evaluate next steps.”

The school did not immediately return a comment request.

Harpeth Hall has been moving leftward for some time.

As reported by The Star, the school used to have an annual George Washington Celebration until it decided in 2020 that Washington was no longer “relevant to the way that we teach history today,” and did not “demonstrate the significant role that women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups play in our nation’s history.”

“A growing number of students, faculty, staff, and alumnae are expressing their discomfort with this tradition,” the school said at the time.

The school was founded in 1865.

Read the full Gender Diversity Philosophy below:

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Harpeth Hall School” by Harpeth Hall School.



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14 Thoughts to “Elite Nashville Girl’s School Will Allow Anyone Who Identifies as a Girl to Attend”

  1. Teddy

    So sad. My two daughters attended that school.. They would be leaving immediately if they we still enrolled. This was a great school…now a WOKE school. It all started with the new headmistress. Money talks and I understand it has begun to speak up.

  2. Chris

    I can only imagine their enrollment is going to drop substantially as parents pull their daughters out. Parent’s put their daughters into an all girl school for a reason.

  3. nicky wicks

    dont be so open minded your brain falls out

  4. Kortenay

    Way to go, Harpeth Hall! Rational, fair, straightforward.

  5. jamesb

    ok parents. pull your girls out and send them elsewhere. if there is one thing theses idiots understand is when the cash flow ends, it all ends

  6. Wolf Woman

    So if you’re a boy who identifies as a girl, you can attend Harpeth Hall, a girl’s school. But if you’re an actual girl who identifies as a boy, you can’t. LOL!

  7. Mel Lane

    So, if a person identifies as a scorpion can they attend the University of Cairo?

  8. Stuart I. Anderson

    It’s alright. It’s OK. If you want to spend a fortune of money to send your daughter to a leftist zoo like Harpeth Hall that is and should be your privilege. So long as we keep this kind of Cultural Marxism out of our government schools by paying utmost attention as to who is elected to our county school boards by supporting and voting for candidates who will fight against this sort of rot.

  9. LM

    Purportedly they have a rifle team ( oh,no – guns!) and a bunch of other competitive sports teams, and they celebrate at least one Catholic holy day. Hmmm … wonder how those are going to mesh with the woke crowd. Wonder what all those “biological girls’ ” rich parents are going to think about the he/shes snatching away their daughters’ college sports scholarships.

  10. Dr Ken

    This is absolutely ridiculous. It is time those who implement foolish woke ideologies be fired. It is long over due for the administrators to be dismissed. Most teachers are good teachers, however those who promote this leftist indoctrination are in the wrong profession. They are hurting our children. It is time for parents to unite and stop this cancer infiltrating the schools. If you send your children to other schools they will thrive in that environment. The vacant seats in the “elite Nashville girls school will culminate in reduced funding allowing the school to jettison the woke idiots. Finally, those who contribute to the school, please, redirect your gifts to other institutions. there are plenty of excellent schools, with excellent teachers, at the ready.

    1. Scott Payne MD

      You can cancel them. We all can cancel them… by voting AGAINST EVERY DEMOCRAT on your ballot. This has gotten out of hand because the leftist party controls everything on the federal level. These guidelines (forced compliance) are coming from the federal level.

      1. John Doeman

        It’s good to see republicans like yourself all butt hurt because the huge corporations no longer support the GOP who used to control the federal government.

        Never forget that unwoke means you refuse to allow the truth and facts to be included in the history books.

  11. Ms Independent

    I remember playing a tennis match with those rich, snotty girls when I was in high school. I beat my opponent in straight sets and she became angry and started making excuses as to why she lost! This “woke” elite school is going to lose students as they should!! Today’s parents need to fight back against woke teachers and school boards!!

    1. John Doeman

      Never forget that unwoke means you refuse to allow the truth and facts to be included in the history books.