Marsha Blackburn Says the World Must Be Wary of the New Axis of Evil

In a letter to the editor submitted to The New York Times on Wednesday, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) warned “that the world must not turn a blind eye to the dangers posed by the New Axis of Evil.”

Senator Blackburn’s letter was in response to a piece entitled “A New Axis?” written by David Leonhardt and published on August 2.

“Mr. Leonhardt stopped short of asserting that Russia, China and Iran are cooperating against the U.S. I wish he hadn’t. A new axis of evil is indeed in play, and its success depends on our willingness to mince words,” said Blackburn.

“These governments have spent decades encroaching on Western interests without firing a shot. For their weapons Moscow chose energy, Beijing chose critical supply chains and Tehran lured the West into a farcical attempt at nuclear diplomacy,” she said.

Blackburn added the entanglement of this “New Axis of Evil” is as dangerous as a bomb.

“This entanglement is no less dangerous than a bomb specifically because so many proclaimed “experts” have waved it off as the natural result of global competition. Vladimir Putin and the rest may have finally embraced the trappings of diplomacy, but their rival interests have meshed far too cleanly for us to accept the coincidence,” she said.

“The ‘coordinated campaign of aggression’ began long ago (indeed, my references to this new axis of evil stretch back to 2018) and reflects not only shared interests, but also a willingness to align from afar,” Blackburn wrote. “Handshakes are redundant when the goal is the destruction of democratic norms. An understanding is all these dangerous men require.”

Blackburn has been talking about this issue for a long time.

In 2018, she tweeted: “As the new axis of evil (Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea) presents an ever-growing threat, the United States and our allies sent a clear message last night. We will always fight to protect innocent civilians and defend the free world.”

In 2020, Blackburn continued sounding the alarm, saying, “China has to be held accountable for [coronavirus],” Blackburn said. “They are not our friend. When you talk about the new axis of evil — China, North Korea, Iran, Russia — these are people who are not our friend. And you have seen that China feels like they can exploit the rest of the world.”

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5 Thoughts to “Marsha Blackburn Says the World Must Be Wary of the New Axis of Evil”

  1. P

    Nevermind the destruction of America from within… look over there! Said the RINO.

  2. Jack

    We have our own Axis of evil! Mitch McConnell! When you at the history of socialism it always starts with the police state. In our country we are becoming the police state. FBI and DOJ going after sitting President Trump! FBI and DOJ going after former President Trump. The government hiring 87,000 new IRS employees to go after the working people of Tennessee! Marsha will you take action and stop talking ? It is time to defund and break up the FBI! The states already have state agencies in place to take over criminal investigations. Break up the counter intelligence and relevant parts and put them into the Homeland security department. The FBI director needs to be fired and his pension removed. The USA is becoming a socialist State. Please remove funding and abolish the FBI! Your first vote as a senator was to make RINO Mitch McConnell the leader. Will you admit Mitch is out of touch with hard working Tennesseans? Please take another vote and remove him as the leader! He has been a never Trumper and Mitch McConnell’s RINO politics do not fit the majority of Tennesseans! McConnell is to risky!

  3. Mark Knofler

    Typical bloviating from Senator One Bill.

    Let me buy you clue Marsha, the current axis of evil is this administration. And you and your colleagues sit on your hands on do nothing. We need to primary you when your term is up, you are completely useless.

  4. AWM

    We better address our own “home grown” axis of evil. That would be Biden, Pelosi and Schumer just to name a few.

    1. Jugloo

      Marsha is so correct when it comes to domestic policy issues, but she is a hopeless neo con on foreign policy. Might as well be John Bolton. Sad. She gets a lot of money from the war machine!