Aaron Gulbransen Recaps Premiere of ‘What Is a Woman?’ Documentary

Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed official guest host and lead political reporter for The Tennessee Star Aaron Gulbransen in-studio to recap Monday night’s premiere of What Is a Woman?, a documentary by The Daily Wire‘s Matt Walsh.

Leahy: We are joined in the studio by the official guest host of The Tennessee Star Report and our lead political reporter at The Tennessee Star, Aaron Gulbransen. Aaron, good morning.

Gulbransen: Good morning, Michael. How are you?

Leahy: Great. So last night we both attended the premiere, if you will, of The Daily Wire documentary at the Franklin Theater, and the documentary is What Is a Woman?, Matt Walsh’s piece. And Marsha Blackburn was there. Tell us a little bit about that event.

Gulbransen: Well, she put on the event in conjunction with Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, and wanted to give the audience an opportunity – of course, I think it went viral when she was questioning Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown during her conversation and simply asked her that question: what is a woman? And Brown famously answered, I’m not a doctor basically, or I’m not a medical professional.

Leahy: Yeah. And of course, the simple answer is, look down – what do you see?

Gulbransen: Yeah, as Matt Walsh’s wife in the documentary said, an adult human, female. Pretty easy. Or as Jordan Peterson said during the documentary, marry one and find out. (Laughter)

Leahy: Now that’s funny. By the way, it is interesting that Jordan Peterson also is now in partnership with The Daily Wire.

Gulbransen: Yes, it’s very interesting. They’ve got Daily Wire-plus, which I’m sure is slightly named tongue in cheek, given the amount of laughter they’ve given CNN-plus.

Leahy: CNN-minus. CNN-minus, all over.

Gulbransen: Or I call it where CNN goes to die.

Leahy: By the way, just as an aside. I can’t resist … Jeffrey Toobin.

Gulbransen: Yes. Now we got to be careful.

Leahy: But yes, let’s just say at a Zoom meeting, engaged in a certain kind of activity that you just – well, it was just embarrassing.

Gulbransen: There’s probably a new dictionary term for it, too.

Leahy: Anyways, Jeffrey Toobin had been welcomed back to CNN, but now he’s on the way out. So CNN-minus, all over.

Gulbransen: Sooner or later, these companies like CNN and MSNBC, they’re going to realize that there’s a way to actually make money instead of just exist as simply a mouthpiece. If you look at all these outlets that are avowed leftist mouthpieces, they’re losing money.

Leahy: And they’re being subsidized by the large corporations or by, in some cases, nonprofits – George-Soros types are funding all sorts of money to them.

Back to the event at the Franklin Theater – by the way, as a venue, the Franklin Theater right in downtown Franklin, it’s a wonderful venue.

It’s very nice. And if you’ve not been there – they did have movies a couple of years ago – the musical group Leahy, the Canadian kind of folk group, if you will, had a concert there. And of course, I obviously was there.

We were promoting them, and it was a great event. This happened just before the pandemic, like two weeks before the pandemic. So this would be 2020. We’re trying to get them to come back here, and that will probably be the venue.

But last night – What is a Woman?, the documentary, I thought it was sort of odd because he went into these – what did they describe them as? These therapists … gender transformation?

Gulbransen: “Gender-affirming therapist” was, at least one of the individuals that he interviewed referred to themselves as. You had a transgender plastic surgeon …

Leahy: Yes, I saw that, out of San Francisco.

Gulbransen: … that performed surgeries.

Leahy: This particular surgeon, it was a transgender – it was a surgeon born a man who … herself, himself, however you describe it, had had the surgery and then had gone on to conduct purportedly 2,000 gender transformations.

Gulbransen: And there was also a professor – that was the University of Tennessee, wasn’t it? It was a Tennessee school. It was a college in Tennessee where he interviewed a professor of, I believe, gender studies.

Might have even been women’s studies. Very flamboyant male who, I do not know how he identifies himself, nor do I care. But none of them could answer the question or were willing to answer the question “what is a woman?”

Leahy: So the basic premise of this film is very interesting because in two seconds I answered the question, what is a woman?  But if you go to anybody who’s politically correct and you ask the question, now, what is a woman? They can’t answer it now.

Gulbransen: It’s scary. Well, all of this starts from the denial of absolute truth. The question could have just been, is the sky blue? But when you deny absolute truth, you turn into all these alphabet mafia things, as they refer to it, as with all these 63,000 gender identities, or sexual identities, and then all these weird things.

And the scariest thing is, of course, we have a movement in this country where they want to have those kinds of people be a protected legal class.

And it’s just so insane because, do we get to the point where, hey, my gender identity is I only smoke certain kinds of cigars, so I should be protected for that? And as I always like to tell people, Michael, I identify as a billionaire, but Wells Fargo will not recognize that at all.

Leahy: They are so intolerant of you.

Gulbransen: I mean, it’s just ridiculous.

Leahy: Well, you get back to what is truth, and these things are very obvious, but we live in a land – and I think that was the whole point of this documentary – we live in a land where simple truths cannot be acknowledged for political propaganda purposes.

Gulbransen: Really pretty bad. And of course, the hilarious scene is when he goes to Africa and he’s just asking tribesmen and women about these basic things and they think the idea is that the lefties that he was talking to were just utterly insane.

And they came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t want to move over here to the United States for the opportunity based on that information.

Leahy: They know, obviously, it’s pretty obvious. What is a woman? What is a man?

Gulbransen: I mean, typically speaking, I think your reaction when you’re a child … I remember, at least when I was a child, certain things that I remember being like 5 or 6 years old, and there was a person wearing a dress in the grocery store that didn’t belong wearing a dress.

And I knew something was off there. I also knew instinctively that, you know, the issue of race never came into play. You just saw people as people.

And I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re trying to corrupt children, because they are trying to get them for the rest of their lives.

Listen to the interview:

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