Report Finds That Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Have Taken Over the University of Tennessee

As part of a statement made available on Tuesday, The National Association of Scholars (NAS) released a new report examining the implementation of the diversity action plans at the University of Tennessee (UT).

“The Anatomy of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Takeover: A Case Study of the University of Tennessee” finds that the University of Tennessee’s series of plans further entrench the dominance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, espousing an ideology that makes narrow identity categories a central learning objective.”

The statement goes on to explain how diversity action plans effect the University of Tennessee.

“The Diversity Action Plans institute a far-reaching curriculum overhaul for every academic department and espouse an unmistakably ideological orientation. Additionally, the plans make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) an effective litmus test for professional advancement. Four departments at the University of Tennessee require or recommend DEI statements from faculty job applicants. Several departments go further, requiring or recommending DEI as a formal requirement for tenure and promotion,” the NAS said in the statement.

“The University of Tennessee’s diversity action plans are nothing short of a blueprint for an institutional overhaul,” said report author and NAS Research Associate John Sailer. “Such a takeover will have obvious implications for education at the University of Tennessee. True education will erode. Indoctrination will flourish. These plans, moreover, reveal in extensive detail what an exhaustive diversity, equity, and inclusion program looks like and how they will affect UT well into the future. Thus our report provides a case study in the rolling revolution underway in academia,” Sailer said.

The report additionally finds that DEI is essential for faculty to advance professionally.

“For faculty members, the message is clear: DEI is integral to professional advancement. As a result, DEI programming will likely continue to grow at the University of Tennessee—even beyond what is mandated in the Diversity Action Plans. Meanwhile, faculty who dissent from the mainstream orthodoxy on diversity, inclusion, or social justice will be faced with a dilemma. Either they will lose out on opportunities for professional advancement—including, at least in some cases, tenure—or they must hide their dissent and display an active commitment to an ideological framework that they privately reject,” the report says.

“Taken together, the diversity action plans make DEI a new de facto core curriculum, and beyond that, in many cases, they make diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts—however defined—a condition for employment,” Sailer continued. “The University of Tennessee has truly outlined the anatomy of a diversity, equity, and inclusion takeover.”

The “NAS is a network of scholars and citizens united by a commitment to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education. Membership in NAS is open to all who share a commitment to these broad principles. NAS publishes a journal and has state and regional affiliates. Visit NAS at”

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitterTruth Social, and Parler.
Photo “University of Tennessee” by University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


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14 Thoughts to “Report Finds That Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Have Taken Over the University of Tennessee”

  1. Anonymous

    Take all funding away from any university that supports this. Let them go bankrupt. Of course, gutless pussies in the legislature don’t have the spine to do that.

  2. Where are all of our newly nominated GOP State Legislative candidates? They have been campaigning for months telling us how conservative they are and they want to fight for our values and make the tough decisions.
    If Speaker Sexton continues to allow this leftwing movement to grow then he will never be Governor!

  3. B Anderson

    If UT staff were addicting students to opiates, Tennesseans would put a stop to it.

    The woke mind virus is poison to students’ minds and futures.

    People need to step up and stop schools from forcibly infecting students with it.

    Not just complain about it. Push politicians and appointed staff to stop it. Call them. E-mail them. Vote out politicians who don’t work against it. Advocate for the termination of appointed staff who are spreading it.

  4. Jay Are

    UT,, like most American universities , has always agreed with the Democrat Party that racial and gender favoritism should be part of everyone’s eduction. Just because educators now call their democrat profitable propaganda, , diversity, equity, and inclusion,. instead of segregation and female exclusion, doesn’t prove American universities haven’t always excluded some people from the educational opportunities granted to others, and still do.

  5. Mel Lane

    DEI is nothing short of imposing very narrow minded ideology and discrimination against anyone that disagrees with their so called inclusion that blocks anyone that fails to march in lock step with them. I can see that this will eventually end up at the Supreme Court because of their discrimination and prejudices much like barring someone for their religion, skin color, gender, etc.

  6. Teddy

    They are about to end my 56 years of financial contributions. Can I get my money back?

  7. nicky wicks


    university of wokessee

  8. Wolf Woman

    Diversity, Inclusion, Equity ( DIE) at UT-K signals the end of the education of our students by rational thought, reason and facts. RIP, Tennessee.

  9. 83ragtop50

    The handwriting has been on the proverbial wall for several years. The legislature should withhold at least part of the funds going to this bastion of wokeness. But they do not have the guts to do that. Just yank your child from there if already enrolled there. Those planning to attend college should mark it off their list. Monay talks and attendance brings money.

  10. John Bumpus

    I obviously do not know what Randy Boyd, UT President is thinking. But Boyd has already plainly revealed his desire to be Tennessee Governor. Boyd is a multimillionaire for whom money is no object. I was suspicious about Boyd in 2018–I thought that there was a very good possibility that he really was a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. I myself rejected him then for that reason. The guy has some left-of-center political views with which I think that most Tennessee Republicans would not be comfortable. Maybe I am wrong, but I always did think that Boyd sought the UT Presidency as a way to enhance his resume and to acquire a bit of gravitas, as they call it, for when he next ran for Governor after Lee.

    Well, this story indicates what has happened on Boyd’s ‘watch’ at UT. From all indications, Boyd is fully ‘in charge’ at UT. The man at the top usually sets the tone. Sounds to me like Boyd now has a lot to answer for at UT. (And then again, Boyd may agree with our newfound ‘woke’ culture and what is happening at UT.) If Boyd really is a Democrat (i.e., a RINO), that fact would explain a lot of things about him and what has been happening at UT.

    1. John W. Niven Jr.

      Agree with everything you said and I can only add that having campaigned against him, he and his minion Chip Salzman are a couple of real jerks.

  11. David Blackwell

    I want to major in ‘albino, one legged, transgender, oriental’ studies. Then, when I can’t get a job, I want Joe Biden to forgive my student loans. Sounds like a plan.

    1. Ms Independent

      Best post ever!

  12. LM

    What a shame. As a second generation UT alumni , this makes me sad and angry to read.