Brian Kemp Accuses Stacey Abrams of Flip-Flopping on Key Issues

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) called out Stacey Abrams (D) for her inability to stick to a stance on political issues in a statement released by the governor’s camp on Tuesday.

“Stacey Abrams opposed suspending the gas tax and returning $1 billion to taxpayers, but now she’s on my record. She can’t have it both ways. Abrams has embraced the policies of Joe Biden that have led to disaster at the border, high gas prices, and empty grocery shelves,” Kemp said on Twitter. 

Kemp pointed out that Abrams criticized developments by the Rivian company and South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai.

“Stacey Abrams criticized the two largest economic development projects in state history that will bring 15,000 jobs to rural Georgia. But in an astonishing act of hypocrisy, Abrams voted for the same tax credits that have made these projects possible. Stacey, you can’t have it both ways,” Kemp later tweeted. 

Also, Kemp touted the record budget surplus the Peach State now boasts.

“We reopened first and strengthened our pro-job, pro-family policies, even when times were tough. The state now has a record budget surplus. When you think about the two largest single economic development projects we’ve ever done in the state with the recent Hyundai announcement and Rivian before that, the Democrats praised those projects, and now Stacey Abrams is criticizing the incentive package on those projects, but even more outrageous than that, is she voted in the General Assembly to support those very tax credits that she’s now criticizing,” Kemp said in the statement.

Kemp also noted the history of Abrams’ support for the anti-police movement.

“After years of supporting Defunding the Police, Stacey Abrams is changing her tune on law enforcement now that she is running for Governor. As Governor, I will always support our brave law enforcement who keep Georgia families safe!” Kemp said in a recent tweet. 

Kemp doubts that Abrams has abandoned her anti-law-enforcement agenda.

“Given her history and connections with anti-police groups, it’s difficult to believe the gubernatorial candidate has really abandoned the ‘defund mission,'” Kemp said.

The Peach State executive leader called it out as another superficial announcement by the most well-funded gubernatorial candidate in the nation.

“This is just another Stacey Abrams flip-flop and this is something Georgia voters need to realize. You know, in politics, you can’t have it both ways. You’ve got to stand up for what you believe,” Kemp added via Twitter.

Kemp asserted that Abrams mimicked his idea for the gas tax suspension, once its popularity was noted by the Abrams camp.

“A lot of the ideas that she has, she was actually against them when I first proposed them, like suspending the gas tax that we’ve done since March. She was against that when it first came out, now she’s for it,” Kemp said.

“She was against me and the legislature this past session returning a billion dollars to the taxpayers to put that money, you know, from 250 to 500 dollars a person, back in their pockets, instead of us spending it on wasteful projects that they could fight through high grocery prices and this 40-year high inflation that a person she helped get elected president created, and then auditioned to be his vice-president. She has embraced these policies that have hurt our citizens and really all Americans,” Kemp’s statement said.

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 Addison Basurto is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Follow Addy on Twitter and GETTR. Email tips/inquiries to [email protected]
Photo “Brian Kemp” by Brian Kemp. Photo “Stacey Abrams” by Stacey Abrams


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