World’s Youngest Trans Model Is Child of Two Trans Parents Who Plan His Gender Surgery at Age 16

The 10-year-old boy acclaimed as the world’s youngest trans model is the child of two transgender parents who say they plan to start him on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones before gender surgery at age 16.

“Noella” McMaher, who was “socially transitioned” at age 4, represented the Trans* Clothing Company brand during New York Fashion Week in February, but has now been signed on for continued modeling jobs until November, reported Metro UK.

According to Out magazine, designer Mel Atkinson created the Trans* Clothing Company in 2018 to cater to men seeking to transition as women, but now it is “an all-inclusive brand with clothes for trans and gender nonconforming people of all types.”

“Noella really doesn’t ever get nervous or scared by anything,” Dee McMaher said about her child’s modeling career, reported Metro UK. “She’s a tiny professional!”

“She was so excited to go down the catwalk, excited to see all the people and the cameras,” McMaher boasted. “She knows exactly how to work a crowd.”

“We are so proud of Noella for being the first trans child in New York Fashion Week, we are in awe with her confidence and determination,” the mother continued. “It’s great that she can provide this trans visibility on a global scale. She is showing them that trans is beautiful.”

But feminist publication Reduxx reported on “Noella’s” disturbing family history, which has been omitted from the other media’s celebratory profiles:

Dee McMaher, Noella’s biological mother, is a social justice advocate who identifies as non-binary, appears to be on hormone replacement therapy, and recently had a cosmetic mastectomy. Both she and her current partner are females who identify as trans masculine.

Reduxx notes that Point Chicago, an LGBTQ advocacy organization, states McMaher, who prefers the pronoun “they,” is studying to be a paralegal.

“Dee is a deaf, gay, transgender person with a background in LGBTQIA+ advocacy,” Point Chicago states. “They have spent the last 10 years working as an educator and advocate for transgender children and their families.”

As Reduxx observed, those 10 years working in LGBTQ advocacy covers the time since “Noella” was born.

McMaher and “Noella” were profiled in People’s World in 2019 when McMaher was battling the boy’s biological father, Timothy McCord, for full custody of the child.

McCord opposed Noel’s transition, McMaher said, and, in 2016, caused the boy a fracture in his arm after he attempted to force him to wear boy’s pajamas.

The father reportedly simply gave his son medication and sent him to bed, but when Noel expressed pain to his mother, she reported McCord to child protective services, and he was arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse.

In 2019, Reduxx noted McMaher married “Ray,” a woman who identifies as transgender and works in the field of “LGBTQ health justice.”

In that same year, Chicago Parent featured an article about “Noella,” who likes to be called “Ella,” and McMaher, in which McMaher said in the next few years, she plans to start her child on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and then begin the physical transition with transgender surgeries at age 16.

“I want people to see me as a smart and helpful girl,” “Ella” told Chicago Parent. “I want them to know that I like to have fun and be like all kids. I am proud of being transgender and being in a queer family.”

Reduxx reported McMaher and her partner have another child they are raising as nonbinary, referring to the child as a “theybie” who appears in photos in a jumper that reads “genderless is more.”

Detransitioner Sinead Watson told Reduxx she was incredulous at the family’s disturbing issues.

“I cannot believe this child was affirmed at such a young age,” Watson said. “I cannot believe this child – this baby – was deemed wrong as young as 2.”

“And legal changes at 6? This whole case is abhorrent,” she asserted, calling the plan for “Noella” to undergo surgical transition at age 16 “child abuse.”

“That this child’s parents both happen to be ‘trans’ or ‘queer’ is no surprise to me,” she continued. “They are forcing their own ideological ideas onto their innocent baby.”

Watson added she is “seeing more and more parents with Münchausen syndrome by proxy,” she added. “It’s not the kids who are trans – it’s the parents who want them to be trans.”

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Noella McMaher” by Noella McMaher. 




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