Peek: Georgia’s Record-High Natural Gas Prices Tied to Biden’s ‘War on American Energy’

by Caleb Lombardo


President Joe Biden and his administration recently passed legislation that prioritizes clean and renewable energy instead of fossil fuels and older forms of energy.

Liz Peek, an opinion contributor at, said the country’s record-setting natural gas prices can be traced to the Biden administration’s push for alternative energy and efficiency and what many conservatives call a “war on American energy.”

Gasoline prices have seen some relief recently, but that has not changed the fact that American consumers are seeing their cost of living continue to rise. Natural gas prices are putting pressure on consumers now. The demand for heat is sure to increase with cooler months coming, driving the price even higher.

“Now, we are at that time of year when attention shifts from gasoline to natural gas,” Peek said in an opinion piece. “Demand for natural gas will climb as we approach the winter months; prices, already at 14-year highs, will climb too.”

The residential price of natural gas in Georgia increased by 133.7% from January 2021 to May 2022, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The price for consumers per thousand cubic feet was $11.44 in January 2021 and $26.73 in May.

The price of natural gas increased by almost 280% since President Joe Biden took office, according to the most recently available data. A million British thermal units (MMBtu) of natural gas cost $2.57 on January 20, 2021 – the day Biden took office – EIA data showed. Natural gas was priced at $9.75/MMBtu on Tuesday; this represents a 279% increase since Biden took office.

“The pain of soaring natural gas prices will be felt by a majority of Americans due to the unavoidable necessity of the fuel,” Spencer Brown, managing editor for Townhall, said. He noted the importance of natural gas in everyday life, as it is used in more than 35% of America’s power generation and accounts for almost half of Americans’ heat sources at home. Consumers will continue to pay higher energy and heating rates when cooler weather approaches.

Just as Biden’s “war on American energy” caused high gasoline prices, the same is true for the rising cost of natural gas, Brown said. He attributes chronically high natural gas prices as “a direct result of Biden’s energy agenda.”

Stephen Moore, senior economic contributor at FreedomWorks and founder of multiple conservative organizations, said Biden is to blame for the fact that the price of natural gas recently reached its highest level since 2008.

“U.S. natural gas prices just hit a 14-year record high,” Moore posted on Twitter on Tuesday. “Congratulations on another accomplishment, Joe Biden.”

Although the U.S. has at least 100 years’ supply of natural gas, “we do not have the political will to produce it,” Peek said. She cited Biden’s policies for lack of domestic production. Peek said the country is suffering from a large increase in natural gas costs in part because “President Biden pledged this year to double our exports of liquified natural gas (LNG), which means less natural gas available to American consumers…

“Climate ideologues, including those directing policy in the Biden White House, are bent on prematurely and recklessly standing in the way of drilling and producing the oil and natural gas we need even as we transition to renewable fuels.”

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Caleb Lombardo is a reporter at The Peach Tree Times.
Photo “Natural Gas Stove” by Gary Barnes.




Reprinted with permission from Peach Tree Times/ Metric Media

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One Thought to “Peek: Georgia’s Record-High Natural Gas Prices Tied to Biden’s ‘War on American Energy’”

  1. Steve Allen

    Green energy is not the intended outcome, the complete destruction of the global capitalist economic system is the goal. Those who (desire to) control the world’s economies are doing all they can to cause an economic collapse, after which they can rebuild under global socialism, with the majority to suffer the results. Look at the non-response from the white house when they are asked where will the money come from to cover the forgiven student loans. This is all intentional as their desire is to run our way of life into the ground and cause our total economic collapse.

    Pay close attention to what is happening in Europe as it pertains to their dwindling natural gas and electricity. Unless the West stops pumping billions of dollars into Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia are lifted, Europe is in for a very uncomfortable winter. Europe’s fanatical embrace of “renewable energy” is going to be their downfall. The “haves” in the EU continue to tell the “have nots” that they must suck it up and prepare for the harsh realities of life. While at the same time, not having to worry that they themselves with suffer at all. This is going to make the EU ripe for civil conflict not seen in a hundred years.

    The democrats in charge of our nation and their globalist handlers are intentionally driving our country into the ground. We must put a stop to this in November.