Another State Lawmaker Criticizes Wisconsin’s Professional Licensing Backlog

by Benjamin Yount


Another Wisconsin lawmaker is criticizing the governor for the back-up at the state’s licensing agency.

Rep. Alex Dallman, R-Green Lake, on Monday said doctors, nurses, hairdressers, and thousands of others have been waiting weeks and months for the state to issue them a license to work.

“The delays themselves have run across many employment sectors, but the backlog of those seeking to join the medical field is the most significant,” Dallman said. “We are all well aware of the workforce shortage that is impacting every sector of our economy and these delays are adding yet another hurdle to getting people into our workforce.”

The Department of Safety and Professional Services has said it is struggling to update its computer system, and is struggling to hire new workers.

Dallman countered that Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has had plenty of time to fix any issues at the DSPS. He said it’s time for results.

“These professional licensure delays are one example of Governor Evers’ failed leadership,” Dallman said. “Governor Evers has tried many times to blame this licensure delay on lack of money and resources, but that is simply not the case. There has been millions of dollars allotted to the Department of Safety and Professional Services along with other agencies to advance staffing and technology. In the past two budgets, over 10 new positions have been added for professional trade and regulation and over $10 million was designated for IT upgrades and online licensing.”

Lawmakers held a hearing earlier this month, looking into the problems at DSPS. That hearing ended with a demand for quicker action and more licenses being issued.

Dallman said that hasn’t happened.

“As Governor Evers and his team continue to turn a blind eye, Wisconsinites will go on suffering,” Dallman added.

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Benjamin Yount is a contributor for The Center Square. 
Photo “Alex Dallman” by Alex Dallman. 





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