Roger Simon Comments on Joe Biden’s Upcoming ‘Soul of the Nation’ Speech Tonight

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in-studio to give his take on tonight’s “soul of the nation” speech by President Joe Biden.

Leahy: We’re joined in-studio right now by an all-around good guy, my former boss at PJTV way back in 2009, an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, author, and also a senior editor for The Epoch Times, Mr. Roger Simon. Good morning, Roger.

Simon: (singing) Good morning. Good morning. I slept the whole night through, or something like that. Not really, but enough.

Leahy: That’s very good. And you had your coffee this morning, I can see. That’s good.

Simon: That’s true. I put the caffeine in my water is what I do.

Leahy: The big question, Roger, this evening, when you have a choice between watching the University of Tennessee launch its 2022 football season tonight or you could watch the “soul of the nation” speech, there’s another thing there.

Simon: Another thing is you can watch the US Open, but you won’t see Novak Djokovic because the creeps that run our government wouldn’t let them in the country. Perhaps the greatest athlete in the world.

Leahy: You are the tennis guy, you’ll be watching the US Open probably, right?

Simon: Well, sort of, but because of the fact that they didn’t admit [Serbian tennis champion Novak] Djokovic but they admit people over the southern border (Leahy laughs) willingly, to administer fentanyl to … talk about the soul of our nation by the way.

You want to know what it is? It’s thousands and thousands of people dying of fentanyl because of the current administration that allows people willy-nilly over the southern border.

Here’s the story: that fentanyl is coming from China and is going to the cartels in Mexico, who are then repackaging it as pills of all sorts and bringing it across the border and killing us. killing Americans.

Leahy: Killing Americans.

Simon: Yes. That’s the soul of the nation, Mr. Biden, and whoever writes your speech for you – because you can’t write it yourself.

Leahy: That is an excellent point, Roger, excellent point.

Simon: It’s really depressing, but face reality. If there are any liberals out there listening to the show – probably not too many – but listen, I was a liberal for many years and I can tell you something. Start to face reality.

Leahy: The speech tonight is about the soul of the nation and the challenges and the risks to democracy posed by people who support Donald Trump, basically, right? Half the nation. The pitch is going to be “half of the nation is evil because they don’t think like us.”

Simon: Because they’re not drug pushers.

Leahy: Yes, think like us and then we will all unite around our ideas, which are basically open borders, and the destruction of America as a nation. To have a soul of a nation, you must exist as a nation.

Simon: And also, look, they’re asking you not to look around you. Don’t look at the rampant inflation, don’t look at gas prices, don’t look at the fact that you’re all going to be taxed to death.

And that also, secondarily, the IRS is going to come after the average citizen, not the rich, because the rich always get away with it.

Leahy: Because they have attorneys.

Simon: They can afford attorneys.

Leahy: They’ve got connections.

Simon: And also they got the law written in their favor, when you start to read it.

Leahy: Yes, exactly. Now, the speech tonight that he will deliver, the symbolism there is it’s outside the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Obviously, he’s looking back to the Constitution and the founding of the country, but his message is going to be exactly the opposite.

It’s going to be written almost certainly by Nashville’s own Jon Meacham, one of the leading virtue signalers in America. A guy who – basically he’s a guy who got in trouble because when he was an MSNBC contributor, he wrote a speech for Joe Biden, and then he analyzed the speech without telling anybody that he wrote the speech. He called it a wonderful speech. I’m shocked, I’m shocked.

Simon: You know what? The whole thing about other people writing your speeches is interesting because I’ve been a speechwriter. I wrote speeches for Rick Perry, the governor of Texas.

And I will say something right away. I felt really creepy doing it. Rick was a nice guy, but I felt very creepy doing it because I’m a writer and I like to speak for myself.

Leahy: You speak with your own voice.

Simon: In your own voice.

Leahy: And how do you channel someone else’s voice?

Simon: Well, it’s hard, but the other part of it is, what’s wrong with these people that they can’t do it themselves.

Leahy: Joe Biden, he can barely read the speech.

Simon: Yes, exactly.

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