Republican Ohio Lawmakers Unveil New Website for Regulatory Transparency

Two Ohio Republican state lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled the new Cut Red Tape Ohio website, which they say will serve to make the state’s regulatory process more transparent. 

The site, developed in consultation with business leaders and the legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), came about via Senate Bill 9 which instructs state agencies to end three of every 10 state regulations over the next three years. State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) and State Representative Jamie Callender (R-Concord), respectively chair and vice chair of JCARR, announced the site’s arrival online. 

Via Cut Red Tape Ohio, Buckeye Staters will be able to voice their concerns and experiences with state regulations that they find burdensome. According to the site, after someone reports a problem with a rule, staffers will confirm receipt of that inquiry, research it, update the reporting party, and inform them of any action taken in response to it. 

“The website encourages public input as we work towards our goal of reducing all unnecessary, burdensome regulations on our businesses,” Callender said in a statement. 

Gavarone said she believes Ohioans will be pleased with the site’s eventual impact on their ability to run their businesses and other pursuits when they see certain rules eliminated or at least curtailed. 

“This platform is another important step in reducing the government’s impact on Ohioans’ lives and businesses,” she said. “I commend my colleagues and our business community for their commitment to bring this website to life, providing more transparency to Ohioans.”

Gavarone and Callender noted that residents may only submit inquiries regarding state regulations. Concerns about local or federal rules must be addressed by the government agencies that oversee them. 

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Bradley Vasoli is managing editor of The Ohio Star. Follow Brad on Twitter at @BVasoli. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Theresa Gavarone” by Theresa Gavarone. 



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