All-Star Panelist Roger Simon Says ‘My Son Hunter’ Movie Is ‘Riveting,’ Discusses the Rise of Conservative Filmmaking

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon and MAGA rapper Bryson Gray in-studio to talk about the riveting new movie My Son Hunter, in which a dysfunctional Biden family is portrayed in the selling-out of America.

Leahy: We are joined in-studio by all-star panelist Roger Simon and by the famous MAGA rapper Bryson Gray. Roger, you mentioned earlier there’s a new movie out called My Son Hunter that’s been distributed by Breitbart News. Bryson, I understand you wrote a number one MAGA hit about Hunter Biden. Tell us about that.

Gray: Yes, it was called “Hunter Biden Hacked.” And of course, when everything dropped about the things that were released from his phone, I made a song about it. I researched it. I researched pretty much everything about it. And then, of course, naturally, I just made a song about it. And it has over a million views on Twitter. (Leahy laughs)

Simon: That’s really great. The movie ,which I saw the other night, you can see it at home very easily. Just go to the search engine of your choice, not Google, and just type in My Son Hunter and you’ll get it.

Leahy: Or go to

Simon: Either one. Some friends of mine produced this – a guy Phalim McAleer, who did the Gosnell movie about abortion and so forth. This is one of the first, kind of on-the-conservative-side, actual films in the fictional realm.

And it’s a tough kind of film to do, because it’s about people that we see on television every night. So to make them real and not kind of, oh, here we go again, was very difficult. But I think largely they pulled it off. It’s quite riveting. And the reason it is, is the guy who plays Hunter, a British actor …

Leahy: Laurence Fox.

Simon: Laurence Fox is tremendous. He is absolutely Hunter to a T. Unfortunately, the guy who plays Joe, John James, isn’t quite up to par.

Leahy: Not quite as good.

Simon: Not quite as good. One of the big problems for people – being a filmmaker myself, I know – right now is if you want to make movies on our side, getting the best actors is really tough. They’re scared.

Leahy: See, they didn’t ask me to play Joe Biden.

Simon: You might have been better.

Leahy: I could have done it to the T. Are you ready for my Joe Biden impression? Here we go. Get off my lawn! (Laughter) That’s Joe Biden. Basically.

Simon: Yeah.

Leahy: I can do that. That’s naturally in my attitude.

Simon: Still, even because of that, there was one scene in the movie that gave me the chills because of Fox’s performance.

Leahy: Really?

Simon: And he didn’t have a line in it. It was just a reaction. The screenwriter smartly picked some of Biden’s own words. Remember that Biden called Hunter the smartest guy he knew?

Leahy: Yes.

Gray: That’s in my song.

Leahy: Is that in your song? In your lyrics?

Gray: Yes.

Simon: Well, watch for this in the movie, because they’re in an intimate scene, the two guys are talking in a car and Joe’s trying to maneuver his addicted son. And he says, you know, you’re the smartest guy I know.

And the look on Hunter’s face is incredibly interesting, because it tells you what the guy’s really thinking. You hate me, you know I hate you, and all that kind of thing. The whole complicated relationship between these guys, which has got to be really crazy.

Leahy: There’s some weirdness there.

Simon: Beyond weirdness.

Leahy: The other elements of the Hunter Biden story, there was a great tragedy in Joe Biden’s life. His wife was killed in a car accident.

Simon: Which he lied about.

Leahy: Well, he did lie about it. He said it was like a drunk driver, and it wasn’t. He disparaged the other person involved.

Simon: That’s typical. And Hunter knows that. Hunter knows all this stuff.

Leahy: But weren’t Hunter and his brother Beau in the car at the time?

Simon: I don’t remember that.

Leahy: They were young kids when their mother died.

Simon: There is so much in this family’s strange saga that could make a great tragedy.

Leahy: Oh, it doesn’t have the depth of a King Lear, but it’s got the bizarreness of it.

Simon: It’s like House of Atreus or something.

Leahy: Yes, just bizarre.

Simon: It’s so bizarre. I mean, in the future, there’ll be other great movies made 25 years thereafter.

Gray: There have to be some more movies made about it, because when you start going deep into the family, everything about it from the history is so weird.

Leahy: The other weird thing about it, of course, is his first wife passes tragically in a car accident back in 1972, just as he had been elected senator from Delaware. But he hadn’t been sworn in yet, so I think it was ’72, and he had two young boys.

And at that time, after she passed away in the accident, Jill Biden was actually married to somebody else and was working on his campaign.

And basically, they began a personal relationship when she was married to somebody else. And her first husband had been a big supporter of Joe Biden.

Simon: Well, adultery runs in that family, like … But anyway, the other thing about it is the movie, the theme of the movie very clearly – and I talked to the producer, who is a friend, and he said, yeah, you’re absolutely right, that’s what we’re going for – is that the real villain is, of course, Joe. Hunter is the victim. You kind of have sympathy for the guy, even though it’s hard to have sympathy for a crackhead who goes for Chinese prostitutes and sells out his country.

Leahy: It’s hard to have sympathy for that. (Gray laughs) An addicted Benedict Arnold who actually has no military capabilities.

Simon: Benedict Arnold had a father, too …

Gray: I agree, we got to blame Joe, man, because those kids, and I said this in my Ashley Biden song, I think the kids seem traumatized. You know what I’m saying? Why is that?

Simon: I’d be interested in what you think when you see the movie, you’d probably like it.

Gray: I’m going to watch it. I’m going to watch it.

Simon: There are some weak things. There’s a little too much of kind of old-fashioned Woody Allen schtick, turning to the camera, that kind of stuff. You already know it, and they turn to the camera to explain this.

I know it was going through their heads when they made it. They want to make sure everybody gets it, but we get it.

Leahy: So, Bryson Gray, have any movie producers contacted you to use your MAGA rap songs in their films?

Gray: There was one pro-life film that premiered on Infowars, and they used my song “Save the Babies,” which is a pro-life song. So that’s the only one.

But I tell people all the time, the way I do my copyrights and my music, you can use it, and everybody has permission to use my music. You can’t resell it, but if you want to use my music for something, you can do it.

Leahy: We have friends now in the movie business. Not just Roger, who’s been in the movie business, shall we say. But when you became a conservative, the offers to be a screenwriter, sort of …

Simon: They dried up.

Leahy: They dried up. They don’t want conservatives.

Simon: My Academy Award nominations meant zippity-doo-dah.

Leahy: But we do have, and Roger, perhaps you could talk a little bit about it. There is a burgeoning, developing conservative film community.

Listen to today’s show highlights, including this interview:

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