NFIB Tennessee PAC Endorses Governor Lee for Re-Election

The NFIB Tennessee PAC, composed solely of NFIB members across the state, has endorsed Governor Bill Lee for re-election.

NFIB is a nationwide “member-driven organization advocating for small and independent business owners,” according to a description on its website. Founded in 1943, NFIB advocates on nationwide small business issues, such as taxes, health care, and regulations. NFIB is headquartered in Nashville.

“Governor Lee is the clear choice for small business in this year’s gubernatorial race,” NFIB State Director Jim Brown said in a statement. “Our members overwhelmingly say he deserves a second term based on his record the previous four years. Specifically, Bill Lee led the charge to utilize federal monies to bolster the unemployment trust fund during the pandemic, saving small businesses from triple-digit unemployment tax increases during a very difficult time.”

Brown continued, “Additionally, he is leading the effort as statewide chair of the Vote Yes on 1 effort to enshrine our right-to-work law in our state constitution this November. His administration budgeted and passed the elimination of the onerous amusement tax and worked diligently to add regulatory protections for small businesses.”

In response to NFIB’s endorsement, Governor Lee released a statement, saying, “Supporting our small businesses across Tennessee has been and will continue to be a top priority of mine and my administration. Tennessee is a great place to own, operate, and grow a business because of the policies that have been put in place that create jobs, build and sustain our communities, and fuel the revenue growth we need to run and improve our great state.”

Tennesseans planning on voting in the November election must be registered to vote by October 11. Early voting runs from October 19 through November 3 with the deadline of requesting a mail-in ballot on November 1. Mail-in ballots must be returned on voting day, November 8.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Bill Lee” by Bill Lee. 




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6 Thoughts to “NFIB Tennessee PAC Endorses Governor Lee for Re-Election”

  1. Brenda Weiss

    He’s a spineless RINO. We need a real conservative with courage to own conservative decisions and stand up to woke opposition. Where is our Ron DeSantis?

  2. Karen L Bracken

    People it is time for you all to wake up and start voting outside the box. You will find the best candidates in the Independent party. John Gentry is one such Constitutional candidate and he has my vote. I could care less what endorsements Lee gets. There is only one endorsement that counts and that is God’s endorsement and Lee would never qualify for that endorsement.

  3. Molly



    1. Karen L Bracken

      John has my vote. Thanks

  4. 83ragtop50

    Lee has been a loser from the start. I am voting for the independent candidate.

  5. Cannoneer2

    Of course a businesswhiner union would want him re-elected…