Federal Government Approves Tennessee’s $88 Million Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan

by Jon Styf


Tennessee’s plan to distribute $88 million in federal funds to build electric vehicle charging stations in the state has been approved by the Biden Administration.

The plan calls for Tennessee to spend $13.7 million of federal funds this fiscal year and the remainder over the following four years as part of $7.5 billion federal plan.

Tennessee will be looking for entities to build charging stations along a designated alternative fuel corridor and to put in 20% of the cost of any electric charging station project. Grantees will be required to maintain the stations for a set period of time. No fee parameters have been set.

“Making electric vehicle charging accessible to all Americans is critical to achieving a transportation sector that improves our environment and lessens our dependence on oil and gas,” U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said.

The grants are one of several sets of federal funds available, including $3 billion for charging stations in economically disadvantaged communities through the Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant Program.

Plans in 35 states have now been approved.

The funds will go toward charging station grants for entities in Tennessee with locations within one mile of the designated alternative fuel corridor. That corridor is located along Tennessee’s interstates, including I-24, I-26, I-40, U.S. 64, I-65, I-75 and I-81.

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Jon Styf is an award-winning editor and reporter who has worked in Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan in local newsrooms over the past 20 years, working for Shaw Media, Hearst and several other companies. Styf is a reporter for The Center Square. 
Photo “Electric Vehicle Charging Station” by Visitor7. CC BY-SA 3.0.




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8 Thoughts to “Federal Government Approves Tennessee’s $88 Million Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan”

  1. nicky wicks

    so…..how many more nuclear plants are we gonna build?

    my electric is already through the roof. i cant wait till demand doubles.

  2. Molly

    Thanks Karen..
    Where is the electric power going to come from, more coal burning?
    Are there plans to build several river hydro dams?
    Is the TVA going to build new nuclear plants?
    How many power substations need to be built?
    Are power lines going to be underground or overhead?
    What about right of way easements of private land subsidies?
    The list of those getting kickbacks starts at the federal level to the governors office and runs right through the Tn legislature and beyond.

  3. Wolf Woman

    Here’s a news headline to add to Karen’s great comment:

    “Lithium prices are skyrocketing worldwide, driving up the cost of electric vehicle manufacturing at a moment when car developers are re-orienting huge portions of their output to developing EVs” 


    Wonder how the West Tennessee Ford EV truck and electric battery plant “campus” will prosper in this economic climate? If only our political overlords could see past their noses . . .

  4. Karen L Bracken

    I should not be surprised that TN is falling for the climate hoax and the hoax of thinking there is a war against fossil fuels when the real war is against human mobility. Once they rid us of gas powered cars electric cars will be next shortly thereafter. It has already be proven that EVs are more destructive to the environment than gas cars and the child slaver labor to dig for the lithium and other minerals needed to create the batteries goes without a peep. But again I am not surprised because Chattanooga was one of the original beta sites for UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. It will be up to the people to push back and REFUSE to buy an electric car from this day forward. Starve the beast that is out to destroy us. And also when there are no cars and the war against mobility has been won they will go after the rural land. Many people living on rural land today will be forced to abandon their land (not sell it because it will be worthless) and move into the city. Then the government can start seizing the 75% of all land they want to seal off to all human presence. Now what I am saying sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well it is crazy but it is the DOCUMENTED agenda of crazy psychopaths who created the plan and have been moving it forward formally since 1992. Pelosi, Gore (from TN), Kerry and many more have been a part of the agenda since their attendance at the 1992 RIO Summit where Bush and his cronies signed away the US to the new world order. The only way we stop it, (elections are not the answer because both R and D are corrupt…..ALL OF THEM) is to refuse to comply. Life might get a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient but believe me it will be much better than what they have planned for YOUR CHILDREN and YOUR GRANDCHILDREN.

  5. 83ragtop50

    Are the owners of gas stations going to be receiving an equal $88 million in subsidies? This the most obvious example of the government (local and federal) competing directly with private enterprises. It should be illegal!

  6. Randy

    If they have this part of the plan in place, what is the plan to remove them when people realize this plan does not work.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Randy – Great question that has not answer because the knuckleheads pushing this scam do not have a clue.

  7. JRin

    IMHO, 5 years after these electric charging stations are put in, less than half will be operational. Also, what better place would there be to commit a crime than in a public electric charging area where the victims are basically being held captive. $3Billion for charging areas in poor neighborhoods, so the “poor” people can charge their $60,000.00 cars?!