Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Tells Nashville Morning News’ Dan Mandis ‘Any Sort of Medical or Surgical Gender Transition of a Child Should Be Illegal, Period’

Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire joined Dan Mandis on Nashville’s Morning News, broadcast weekday mornings on Nashville radio station 99.7 WTN, to discuss his breaking story on how Vanderbilt University Medical Center was caught providing transgender surgeries to minors.

Mandis: Well, the story of Vanderbilt University Medical Center caught providing transgender surgeries to minors. And as you know, we’re talking about double mastectomies, chemical castration, puberty blockers, and also telling employees, if you don’t like it, you can leave.

It’s turned into a major story. The guy that broke the story is on the line with us now, Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire. Matt, is as shocking as this is, it’s happening all across America. This isn’t exclusive to Vanderbilt by any stretch of the imagination, right?

Walsh: That’s right. That’s exactly right. And that’s important for everyone to realize that this is, in particular, the “services” that Vanderbilt provides, if we could use the euphemism that is available to kids. This is inflicted on kids in every single state in the country.

It hasn’t been made totally illegal in any state, which we hope to change here. But this is absolutely pervasive and ubiquitous. I think what I run into is just so many people are totally unaware of it, and just the average person on the street, I think it’s sort of unthinkable to them that we would be doing this.

The idea that we’d be chopping the breasts off of children, it’s hard to even believe that it’s happening, and yet it is. And as we showed in those videos, they’re making billions of dollars on all of this.

Mandis: One of the things that I’ve said, Matt, is it’s horrific that they’re making billions of dollars on this. It’s also horrific that those in the medical community think this is okay to do to children. Probably more disturbing, I would say, is also the fact that parents think that this is a good idea to do to their kids.

Just so you know, we played the videos that proved all of this that you had on your Twitter thread in this whole expose that you’ve done. At what point, Matt, did you let Vanderbilt know that you had this information, and what was their response?

Walsh: We reached out to them. We didn’t want to tell them while we were compiling all of the footage and we didn’t want to tip them off that we were doing anything because we knew that they would just delete it all, which is exactly what they did as soon as we published this.

They just took down their entire transgender clinic website. So that’s why we’re in the process of investigating. Of course, we’re not going to tell them now. Once we published the report, we did reach out for a statement, and they didn’t want to provide one originally, and then the next day they published one, which was a deflection.

They didn’t actually dispute any of the factual claims that I made, because they can’t. Obviously, it’s not even me making the claims, I’m just providing video evidence of what they’ve said themselves. And by the way, what you said about the parents is a really important point, that parents do agree with this.

And that was one of the things that Vanderbilt said in their statement. They said, well, we don’t do any of this to kids unless the parents consent. But what does that have to do with anything? Who cares if the parents say it’s okay. There are abusive parents out there that will agree to or inflict harm on their kids.

We all know that’s a reality. But that doesn’t excuse it, obviously. So the fact that they’re hiding behind parental consent, I think, tells you everything you need to know.

Mandis: Well, you’re right. And the other thing that I would say is not only are they hiding behind parental consent, but also they have this talking point as they responded to what you have exposed and they say, yes, there is parental consent. And number two, they’re also saying that no laws have been broken and they’re following guidelines from the medical community.

So they’re hiding behind all of those things, like a shield to somehow, I don’t know, say that what they’re doing is right. And so now I know that you are working with state lawmakers. We had a state lawmaker on earlier today.

State Senator Jack Johnson was on earlier today. We’re talking about what the options are for the state legislature coming up in January. How engaged are you in those conversations? I know that there have been some discussions with Governor Lee as well.

Walsh: Yes, we’ve met with some of our state legislators, and we’ve been in conversations about this. I’ve had many local politicians then also on the national level, reach out to me personally since this expose came out.

And this is what we’re working on, is coming up with legislation that will make this illegal in the state. When I say this, any sort of gender transition, medical or surgical gender transition of a child, should be illegal, period. And so that’s what we’re working on.

Mandis: I guess part of the question or part of the thing that has to be dealt with or handled or discussed is how does the medical community think this is a good idea? I know that you studied this, and this is part of your gig. Day after day, you seek these things out.

What justification do they possibly have for this, considering the suicide rates of people who have gone through this kind of thing, the number of people that regret going through this surgery, is there a talking point or rationale for the medical community doing this?

Walsh: That’s the really disturbing and sad thing, is how the medical community has gotten behind this and not just got behind it but is pushing it in spite of the fact that, no, there really is no rationale. The rationale, it’s a combination of kind of deflections, changing the subject, and then also outright lies.

You’ll hear from doctors and so-called medical experts all the time that, for example, the drugs they give kids are reversible before they get to the surgical stage. We’ll hear that, well, it’s all reversible, puberty blockers, and all the rest of it. And that’s just a lie. It’s not true. I mean, this stuff does irreparable harm.

It changes a child’s body in ways that can’t be reversed. That’s just one example. And they will flat-out lie about and also say things like, they’ll say things about studies, and [they] know that all this is perfectly safe. Again, it’s a flat-out lie. And you don’t even need to look that deeply into it to know that it’s a lie, because of course, there can’t be any long-term studies.

There couldn’t possibly exist any long-term studies about all of this and pertaining to all this, because we’ve never done this to an entire generation of kids before. So this is the guinea-pig generation. It’s never happened to anybody else.

And so how could they possibly have studies about it? They don’t. This is experimental, and they’re just sort of assuming that it all worked out okay. But we know that it’s not. We know that it’s not going to be okay.

And we also know that transgender identification in the youngest generation has risen exponentially. We’re talking ten or twentyfold, which doesn’t happen naturally.

It happens as part of a social contagion, happens because of indoctrination. And now we’re taking these kids who are swept up in all this, and we are changing their bodies in ways that cannot be reversed.

Mandis: Matt, if I may, you brought up something that is near and dear to my heart, which is the social contagion aspect of all of this, because we do have people out there on social media that are promoting this as part of their agenda, and that’s where the social contagion comes in, right? I mean, it’s really pervasive on social media sites like Tik Tok, for example.

Walsh: Right. It’s all over TikTok. It’s all over social media. It’s also all over the schools that these kids go to, and that includes the way that many schools will outright promote so-called gender identity at even the youngest ages. And then it’s part of the peer culture.

And so the kids live in this environment every single day where there’s this peer pressure to come up with some gender identity that isn’t just what they call cisgender, which is just being normal. And that’s not cool anymore.

And they’re living with this peer pressure every day. Then they leave school, and they still don’t escape it because now they have it on their phones. The other thing to keep in mind, too, is that when we have this idea of consent, children cannot consent. They can’t consent.

This is the whole basis for laws against child molestation. This is why we say that if a child is in a “sexual relationship” with an adult, it’s not a relationship, it’s rape. And the reason why we say that is because a child cannot possibly consent to it.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Photo “Matt Walsh” by Matt Walsh. 

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