Lake Completes Two Stops on ‘Ask Me Anything’ Tour

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, who just this week announced that she would host an “Ask Me Anything” tour as her opponent continues to duck a debate, has completed the first stop on that tour.

“My ‘Ask Me Anything Tour’ has been an incredible experience so far,” said Kari Lake on Twitter. “I’ve been meeting patriots from all over Arizona, who are so excited to hear my plans for this state.”

Topics of discussion ranged from Lake’s experience (or lack thereof) in working in politics, school curriculum including LGBT issues and transgenderism, the border crisis and more.

Asked whether she would bus migrants to liberal cities and states, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), Lake responded:

“This is why my policy on the border is so aggressive,” Lake said. “Because we have thousands of people coming across our border and they’re filing into our cities and they’re finding sanctuary in some. I think what these governors are doing in busing illegal immigrants around is really causing the people who did support sanctuary cities to maybe think twice about that. You all saw what happened at Martha’s Vineyard, right? Fifty people showed up and it was catastrophic. Imagine what we’re dealing with. We all know. Now, I’m not a fan of busing illegal immigrants around because I think it makes it harder to track people down, and I’d rather bus people back to the border and send them back the other way.”

Asked about Mexican cartels, Lake said the following:

We can [stop them] alone but we shouldn’t have to do it alone. I think other states are interested in helping out. We’re going to stop people from coming across and I really do believe that when we take a hard stance on our border, we tell the cartels we’re no longer going to do business here, we are not going to be known as the state with the pipeline for the deadliest drug we’ve ever seen coming through anymore. And when we get that message out, I think the cartels are going to take their business and go other places, because it’s gonna get really hard here in Arizona for that. And I’ll tell you what. The cartels may be tough but they haven’t come across a middle-aged mom like me.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].



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