Connecticut Sees Crime Rates Drop in 2021

by Brent Addleman


A new report on crime in Connecticut shows that violent and property crimes are down in the state.

Connecticut’s annual crime statistic report for 2021 was released Monday. The report compiles data from law enforcement agencies in the state, Gov. Ned Lamont said.

“This report shows violent and property crimes are down in Connecticut from the previous year, preserving our state’s status as one of the safest in the country,” Lamont said in a release. “We must remain laser-focused on further reducing crime. Speaking as a father, a husband, and governor, one crime is too many. We have a real opportunity, working together with law enforcement and community partners, to further increase public safety in Connecticut.”

The report was developed by the Crimes Analysis Unit of the state’s department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This year marks the 44th year of the report.

A 3% reduction in overall crime, according to the report, took place from 2020 to 2021, while there was a 9% reduction in violent crime and a 2% reduction in property crimes. The report additionally shows that over the last decade crime in the state has fallen by nearly one-third, which shows a 43% reduction in violent crime and a 29% reduction in crimes against property.

Over the span of the last four years, according to the release, the State Police Training Academy has turned out 333 graduates through six training troops, and another 33 new state troopers are scheduled to graduate in the next month and another class is on the way.

The fiscal year 2023 budget contains crime prevention and reduction investments, including $11 million for law enforcement to trace firearms, $8 million for community and public health strategies, $4 million for the latest forensic science equipment, and $18 million for victims and survivors of crime for treatment and support.

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Brent Addleman is an Associate Editor of The Center Square and a veteran journalist with more than 25 years of experience. He has served as editor of newspapers in Pennsylvania and Texas, and has also worked at newspapers in Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Kentucky.
Photo “Connecticut State Police” by Connecticut State Police.




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