Kari Lake’s First TV Ad of the General Election Sheds Light on Her Background

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake shed light on her upbringing and why she supports Arizona in a new TV ad launched Tuesday entitled “Origin Story.”

“While the media and the establishment have spent millions of dollars lying about Kari Lake with fake news reports and headlines, Kari has spent the past year bypassing the corporate media and successfully delivering her message directly to the people of Arizona. That’s what she’ll continue to do in the final weeks of this campaign,” said Lake’s Communications Director Ross Trumble in a press release.

This 30-second ad is the first to come from the Kari Lake campaign for the general election and is part of a six-figure ad buy in the Phoenix area. Unlike most political ads, “Origin Story” does not focus on policy, nor does it slam Lake’s opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs. Instead, Lake presents a genuine talk between herself and the viewers where she dives into her past to set the record straight.

“You’ve heard a lot of lies about me this past year,” Lake says as the commercial begins. “But here’s the truth.”

Lake revealed that she was raised in Iowa as the youngest of nine children. Her father worked as a teacher while her mother worked as a nurse. “We had to work hard to get by,” Lake said, then adding that she put herself through the University of Iowa to achieve a bachelor’s degree in 1991. Lake found opportunity in Arizona, where she started two things: a 22-year career presenting news on Fox 10 in Phoenix, and a family – she and husband Jeff Halperin have two children.

“Arizona gave me everything, and I’m running for governor to give you my all,” Lake said, concluding the advertisement.

In June 2021, Lake said she was leaving her job because she no longer felt proud of her work. She felt that continuing work in the media would be “contributing to the fear and division in this country.” Shortly after that, Lake announced her bid for the Arizona governor’s seat.

As Lake mentioned, over the last year opponents and organizations have launched smear campaigns against her, from her Republican opponent Karrin Taylor Robson calling her “Fake Lake” in the primaries to Hobbs calling Lake “seriously dangerous” for her views on gender roles. Through every attack and insult, Lake has held firm in her campaign and America First beliefs.

“Fascist, Racist, White Nationalist, Nazi, Deplorable. We’ve heard it all. It doesn’t bother us a bit. We know what [Kari Lake] stands for. We know what’s in her heart. So let them call her names. In 43 days, they’ll have to call her governor,” the Kari Lake War Room tweeted.

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Neil Jones is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Neil on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Kari Lake” by Kari Lake. 




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