Michigan Parents of Different Faiths Organize to Protect Children from Radical Left Ideology in Government Schools

More than 800 parents, including Christians, Muslims, and Jews, organized in Dearborn, Michigan, to fight back against the radical left’s sexualization of their children in government schools.

The parents’ goal is “simple,” reported Patty McMurray at 100PercentFedUp, a conservative news website run by moms McMurray and Leisa Audette.

“Protect our children from the radical agenda of educators who allow explicit material on library shelves in public schools that can be accessed by students without consent from their parents,” McMurray explained.

Among the organizers of the Rally to Protect Our Children were Mike Hacham, Stephanie Butler, Hassan Chami, Rola Makki, and Dr. Nagi Almudhegi.

Additional photos of the rally, which can be viewed at 100percentfedup.com and at Gateway Pundit, which republished McMurray’s piece, show parents carrying signs that read “save children, no porn in schools” and “stop grooming our kids.”

According to McMurray’s report, Hacham, a Republican Muslim, said most of the Muslim population in Dearborn “have conservative values and don’t want their children being radicalized by woke, leftist educators in their children’s schools.”

Hacham added the Yemeni population was in the majority at their protest.

“These are very religious people,” he explained.

“These parents are not going to put up with the indoctrination of our children, and ‘most of them will be voting for Republicans’ in the upcoming election,” McMurray noted.

The report noted Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is not likely to advocate for families intent on stopping the sexualization of their children, since, in June, the attorney general called for a “drag queen for every school.”

Opposing Nessel in November is Republican candidate Matt DePerno, who, McMurray reported, “is on the front lines of the fight with parents to protect our children.”

“DePerno has made his position on the sexualization of our children in schools crystal clear — he will always put the rights of our children and of their parents first,” McMurray wrote.

“We’ve got rogue prosecutors across the state, influenced by Dana Nessel, saying ‘do not prosecute violent felonies,’ and, because of that we have businesses leaving this state, fleeing this state,” DePerno said during the rally.

“Our auto companies say they will no longer build factories in the state of Michigan,” the candidate for attorney general continued. “They’ll take their billions of dollars and all their employees, and take them to Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, because those are favorable places to work.”

DePerno said the big auto companies say they “will not operate in a state with a failing education system, where we no longer teach critical math, critical reading, and critical science, but instead, we teach our children about 63 different genders, and our attorney general wants to put drag queens in every school.”

The Rally to Protect Our Children drew a counter-rally of about “125 mostly white, female, leftist protesters,” who, the report observed, “showed up on the front steps of the Henry Ford Centennial Library to advocate for books with sexualized content on the shelves of public school libraries.”

The firestorm over the availability of highly sexual material that is accessible to children in school libraries has continued to rage following the election of a self-described “Marxist lesbian” as the American Library Association’s (ALA) next president.

Idaho native Emily Drabinski ran her campaign for ALA president on “collective power” and “public good.”

“As ALA president, I will direct resources and opportunities to a diverse cross section of the association and advance a public agenda that puts organizing for justice at the center of library work,” she vowed.

In a television interview with KTVB 7, Drabinski said she found outrage by parents over sexually explicit books in school libraries and the subsequent cutting of the Idaho library system’s budget by $3.8 million to be “scary”:

I think there are, it’s like concerted political efforts to, to sort of push this sort of story about what libraries do, which seems very, you know, it’s anathema to what libraries actually do, that we are sort of pushing pornographic materials on our patrons and it’s really not, not what we do at all … there’s no big library agenda.

In July 2021, however, Drabinski conducted a presentation titled “Teaching the Radical Catalog,” in which she referred to the idea of introducing multiple gender identities into the library catalog system as part of “critical thinking.”

At one point during the presentation, she lamented that “heterosexuality is not named, but implied,” because “it is the norm that does not need to identify itself and against which everything else must be understood and defined.”

The incoming ALA president appeared to view herself as someone who would attempt to change this view of sexuality.

During her campaign for her new post, Drabinski received the endorsement of American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.

“In the face of increasing challenges to school library books and teachers’ curricula, we need a strong American Library Association defending free inquiry in our shared pursuit of the public good,” Weingarten said. “Emily Drabinski knows how to organize and mobilize on behalf of library workers and our communities.”

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Protesters” by Abbas M Shehab.




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