Mass Resignation Leaves One Officer on Jacksboro Police Force

Tennessee’s Jacksboro Police Department has one officer remaining on the police force after Chief Jeremy Goins and several officers abruptly resigned Monday morning.

“Yesterday, we had four police officers turn in their guns and badges and walk off the job. They were not fired, and they did not formally resign; they walked off the job,” City Attorney Stephen Hurst told The Tennessee Star.

Hurst said he immediately requested assistance from the Campbell County Sheriff and the LaFollette Police Departments.

“Campbell County Police Department and LaFollette Police Department have agreed to help us through our emergency situations and accidents. We are currently in the process of recruiting officers,” Hurst said.

Campbell County Sheriff Wayne Barton took to social media to tell the citizens of Jacksboro that the agency will provide law enforcement assistance until new officers have been secured.

“It’s important for the residents of Campbell County to know their Sheriff’s Office is ready to protect and serve the citizens regardless of what their address is. We are available and ready to assist every agency throughout all areas of Campbell County,” Barton said on Facebook.

Jacksboro’s current police force is acting Chief Daniel Smith (from the LaFollette Police Department) and officer Franklin Ayers, who was promoted to assistant chief after the departure of his fellow officers. According to City Attorney Stephen Hurst, the reasons for the resignations are not yet known.

“At this point in time, the reason has not been filed for the officers’ resignation or for the walkout. If they have grievances, I’m sure that they will air those grievances in the proper place, and we will deal with them, but at this point in time, the reasons are not known to me,” Hurst told The Star.

Hurst added more resignations of Jacksboro city officials could be coming.

“Due to the recent events, one of the council members has also given notice of resignation, but he has not filed a written notice. A council member must provide written notice before their resignation,” Hurst said.

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Kaitlyn Osteen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Send Kaitlyn news tips to [email protected].
Photo “Jacksboro Police Department” by Jacksboro Police Department.


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