Blake Masters: A Red Wave Is Coming, No Matter What Polls Say

Arizona Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters and Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake sat down together Saturday to ask each other questions leading up to the election, which Masters said will see a massive red wave, no matter what polls say.

“When Democrats get these poll calls, I think they might not want to admit, ‘Oh, we’re planning on voting for Kari, we’re planning on voting for Blake,” Masters said. “Normal people, when they look around, how are things going? Do we like the wide-open southern border and the invasion in our country, and the fentanyl? Do we like the double-digit crime spikes in our cities? Do we like 13-percent inflation? No, we don’t. We’re going to vote for a change, and that’s why I still think you can safely disregard these polls, whether they’re good for us [Republicans] or bad for us. We’re going to have a red wave.”

Recent polls from the Arizona-based OH Predictive Insights have shown Republicans with slight leads across most Arizona state races, aside from the Senate race, where incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly leads over Masters by 13 points. However, other polls show the race being a bit closer, with Masters trailing by only four points.

Also touching on the subject of the red wave, Lake said it is time for Arizonans to vote – not based on a political ideology but on the matter of which candidates will tackle the issues that matter.

“Along those same lines, I’m a big believer that it doesn’t matter if you have a D behind your name or an R, or you’re Independent, you don’t want your kids getting their hands on fentanyl. You don’t want to see crime surging in our neighborhoods. You want to be safe when you walk across the grocery store parking lot. You want your kids to get a real education, not a brainwashing. I mean, we could go on and on,” Lake said.


Furthermore, Lake said Republicans are more than talk, and that she wants voters to hold them accountable if they are unsatisfied with their elected official’s results.

“I want you all to hold us [Republicans on the November ballot] accountable, and if we screw up, you call us out. We’re not going to screw up, but if we do, you call us out. I have a bold agenda, and I tell people all the time that I am going to do this thing,” Lake said.

Republican Unity

While Lake talked onstage with Masters, an opportunity she has yet to have with her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs, she spoke about the unity she has felt in the Republican Party while running, contrasted with Democrats.

“That’s what I love about what we’re [Masters and I] doing here. I didn’t realize this – I’m new to politics, and Blake is as well. I thought that you work together to accomplish the goal, which is to make Arizona great again. I didn’t realize that Democrats, they try to accuse us of having a disjointed party, but have you ever seen Mark Kelly with Kyrsten Sinema? They don’t even appear together,” Lake said.

AZ Central reported on the issue of isolated Democrats. While Lake and Masters have collaborated throughout their campaigns, the same cannot be said for Hobbs and Kelly, who have not held any public events together, and are each taking a lone-wolf approach to their respective races.

“The Republican Party is united like never, ever before because we see what’s happening to our country, and we see what’s happening to our states, and we’re going to fight to save it. I’m really encouraged,” Lake said.

Watch the full event here.

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Neil Jones is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Neil on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].


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