Academy Award-Nominated Screenwriter Roger Simon Says ‘The Real Anthony Fauci – the Movie’ Is ‘Riveting’

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in-studio to review and praise The Real Anthony Fauci Movie based upon the book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Leahy: In the studio with us, all-star panelist, my former boss at PJTV, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, mystery writer, novelist, and senior editor at The Epoch Times, Mr. Roger Simon. Good morning, Roger.

Simon: Good morning. And I have to compliment you on this coffee. I’m going to buy some at World’s Worst Coffee dot-com. (Leahy laughs)

Leahy: I know. I plead guilty to the world’s worst coffee today. I will try to improve it next time you’re around.

Simon: Okay. Very good, we’ll get some direct from Colombia …

Leahy: But we will be the lowest bar possible. But at least, look …

Simon: The cartels are going to be producing our coffee.

Leahy: Here’s the bad news, the coffee is bad, but the good news is we’ve got lots of it, right? (Laughter) All right, Roger, so you’ve got a movie. You know a lot about movies.

There’s a new movie out as of the day before yesterday, at The Real Anthony Fauci Movie dot-com, it’s based upon Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s best-selling book. You have a review coming out today.

Simon: Maybe later today? Yes. Up on The Epoch Times.

Leahy: Tell me about this movie.

Simon: Well, it’s riveting. And I have to tell you, RFK Junior’s book, I got 250 pages into it. It is a devastating, truly devastating attack on Fauci that makes him seem worse than Dr. Mengele. And if you watch this thing – it’s a document on what happened to us all during COVID – and it’s harrowing to watch, but it’s riveting. It’s a combination of things. I put it on my computer last night on the recommendation of my wife, who knows everything more than I do, always.

And I’m thinking, well, I got to write something for tomorrow, blah blah blah, and I’m not going to watch this. And all of a sudden I’m there and I’m going, oh, my God. What did we all live through?

Leahy: What was most compelling about this movie?

Simon: There are so many things, it’s almost hard to say. The most frightening part of it is what Fauci did during the AIDS period and how he used Africans and black kids in the Bronx essentially as laboratory guinea pigs and effectively killed them with AZT.

And when you’re thinking about AZT, then you think about remdesivir, he was advocating totally at the beginning of COVID. You realize this man is really kind of void of conscience.

He ruled our health for decades. It’s very interesting, and it tells us an awful lot about the deep state, because this guy was there. He was the deep state par excellence. Nobody could supervise him.

Leahy: Kind of almost like J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI way back when.

Simon: But scarier.

Leahy: Yeah, scary.

Simon: The old Jewish grandmothers used to say, so long as you’re healthy it’s the main thing. I used to laugh at that when I was a kid because kids are healthy. As you get older, you’re not always healthy.

Hello? And you realize that is what rules the world even more than inflation, which is pretty horrible. But it’s our health, finally. And we were completely bamboozled, and our children were locked away from school. The whole thing was horrible.

Leahy: Let’s talk about this movie –, it’s out there now, but how do people find it? What’s the distribution? Is this being throttled by Google and that crowd?

Simon: It’s being throttled. One of the interesting things about it, they realize what’s going to happen, so they have made it available for free for people to watch for, it was eight days. It’s probably down to seven days right now.

And that’s an interesting new form of distribution, because it’s very hard. Effectively, there are two film industries now. There’s the off-the-charts film industry, which The Daily Wire is doing, The Epoch Times is doing, they’re all doing mostly documentaries for reasons of information, really.

And then there’s the old film industry, which people are very bored with and should be, which we might call the woke industry.

Leahy: And basically, all they do is rehash woke comic book characters.

Simon: Yes.

Leahy: Superheroes.

Simon: Exactly. So you have these two things going on, and one is very small and fledgling, unfortunately. The whole principle of this new kind of distribution is, please watch it and pass it on.

Leahy: The Real Anthony Fauci Movie dot-com. You give it a strong thumbs-up.

Simon: I give it a total thumbs-up.

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