Socialist Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Demand On-Campus Abortion Services

by Haika Mrema


The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s (UWM) Young Democratic Socialists for America (YDSA) chapter sponsored an online petition by co-chair Nathan Schilling which demands the University Health Services (UHS) provide abortion services.

The petition, which has amassed more than 300 signatures, specifically addresses Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director Jake Baggott, Associate Executive Director and Director of Operations Carol Griggs, and Director of Medical Services Aruna Josyula.

“UW Madison has a responsibility to provide safe access to healthcare for its students, whether it is by providing medical abortions on campus or providing travel vouchers for students seeking healthcare out of state,” the petition reads.

“Inaction on this issue is taking a stance against providing healthcare for those with uteruses and the UW-Madison community in general.”

YDSA declined to comment.

The chapter peddled the petition on campus on Oct. 14 and invited students to “tell UHS to provide abortion services to our UW community!”

UHS provided emotional support to UWM students after Roe v. Wade was overturned in June. The department sponsored “support spaces” to “help students process their experiences and reactions, connect with others, and get support.”

The department also lists “abortion resources” under its “pregnancy resource” page which links to out-of-state-abortion providers in Minnesota and Illinois.

“[UHS] remains dedicated to providing a spectrum of gynecology services to UW-Madison students, within the boundaries and requirements of state and federal law,” Kelly Tyrrell, Director of Media Relations and Strategic Communications, told Campus Reform.

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Haika Mrema is a student at Baylor University studying entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. She is also the Vice President of the Network of Enlightened Women chapter on campus. Haika writes letters for her school newspaper: The Lariat.
Photo “University of Wisconsin-Madison” by University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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  1. Deguello

    I agree. Every Lefty female should get free abortion services as often as necessary.

    1. blahb

      starting with the lefty “”female”? itself.