Facebook Allegedly Gives The FBI Users’ Info Without Their Consent

by Trevor Schakohl


The FBI allegedly accepts private user information with “a partisan focus” from Facebook without users’ permission, avoiding the normal legal process the bureau would require to seek such information on its own, a new report from House Judiciary Committee Republicans claims.

The alleged information transfer between Facebook and the FBI is part of a program likely named “OperationBronze Griffin,” according to a report released Friday. Facebook allegedly gives the bureau data “tending only to concern users from one side of the political spectrum,” according to whistleblower intelligence.

“The FBI’s willingness to accept this political speech information from Facebook—outside of routine investigative pathways—further threatens Americans’ constitutional rights,” the report argues. “In response to reporting on these allegations, the FBI ‘neither confirmed nor denied the allegations,’ but stated that relationships with social media providers ensure a ‘quick exchange of threat information’ and an ‘ongoing dialogue.’”

The 1,005-page report says whistleblowers deemed the FBI “rotted at its core.” Whistleblowers have reportedly accused FBI leadership of “purging” employees with conservative views and targeting “conservative Americans with aggressive law-enforcement tactics while treating liberal Americans with kid gloves.”

“The FBI’s attacks on conservative voices—both within its ranks and in the broader population—appear to be part of a broader effort by the Biden Administration to use the heavy hand of the federal government against conservative views,” the report states.

The FBI did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Trevor Schakohl is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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