Governor Pledges Fiscal Responsibility in Connecticut Democrats’ Trifecta

by Brent Addleman


Reelected Connecticut Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont on Wednesday pledged fiscal responsibility for the coming four years in Hartford.

“With a lot of edging and hedging about what we do in terms of fiscal guardrails that help get this state back on track when it comes to getting our fiscal house in order, I call them the Fonfara Rules coming out in 2017,” Lamont said. “Basically, it says you are not going to spend more than what you can count on in terms of revenues.

“I think it served us very well, and I am going to be asking the Legislature to continue that going forward. It gives us a clear sense of direction and how we are getting our fiscal house in order. It means small families. It means small businesses and big businesses to know what we got to do.”

Democrats are in control of both legislative chambers. They also are represented in state offices of secretary of state, Stephanie Thomas; treasurer, Erick Russell; attorney general, William Tong; and comptroller, Sean Scanlon.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Richard Shelby is headed back to Washington. Counterparts in the House from his party include John Larson, Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro, Jim Himes, and Jahana Hayes.

Voters ratified one ballot referendum pertaining to allowing for early voting and was approved with 60% of voters casting “yes” votes. The amendment calls for authorizing the state legislature to provide by law for in-person early voting before an election.

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Brent Addleman is an Associate Editor of The Center Square and a veteran journalist with more than 25 years of experience. He has served as editor of newspapers in Pennsylvania and Texas, and has also worked at newspapers in Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Kentucky.
Photo “Ned Lamont” by Governor Ned Lamont.


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