VoterGA Reports ‘Serious’ 2022 Election Abnormalities, Over 20,000 Votes ‘Subtracted’ from Totals for Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker

Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) reports it has identified significant abnormalities in the 2022 Georgia general election, including results that show over 20,000 votes were “inexplicably subtracted” from the vote totals for U.S. Senate Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

The organization, a coalition of citizens seeking to restore voter integrity in Georgia, presented at a press conference Tuesday a sworn affidavit, corroborated by the Edison media line feed, showing the “subtracted” votes.

Walker is currently in a December 6 runoff race with Senator Raphael Warnock (D).

Additionally, VoterGA reported poll books in three Georgia counties “mysteriously added hundreds more voters who voted than the number of votes cast by the machines.”

The group presented “flaws in the recently completed 2022 Risk Limiting Audit (RLA)”:

Dr. Phillip Stark, inventor of the RLA process, previously wrote to Georgia officials to explain that a RLA cannot meaningfully audit a Georgia election because they are conducted on Ballot Marking Devices (BMD). BMDs cannot produce a voter created source document to be used for an audit and the RLA process has no means to audit the accuracy of the BMD.

The organization asserts that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “ignored basic RLA audit principles by selecting batches for all counties instead of having counties randomly select ballots.”

VoterGA explains further the lack of proper methodology in the audit:

The number of ballots varies by batch across counties, so the audit was disproportionally administered throughout the state in conflict with Equal Protection clauses of the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions. Although all types of ballots must be selected, many counties received no Election Day batches to audit.

“Despite the flaws, Raffensperger claimed the 2022 audit confirmed the election results,” VoterGA states, noting how its own analysis revealed “fatal flaws” in the 2020 audit that ultimately led to Governor Brian Kemp’s study that was sent to the State Election Board.

The group notes the 2020 flaws in Fulton County were shown to include a “60% batch error rate, falsified tally sheets with 850 to 0 Biden votes, 6,000 duplicate reported ballots and about 350 duplicate scanned ballots.”

VoterGA has now filed a lawsuit against several counties that alleges “unlawful destruction of original ballot images from the November 2020 General Election.”

The complaint, the organization explains, “seeks to preserve 2020 election ballots as the only remedy for the image destruction.”

“Over 1.7 million images were destroyed by up to 70 counties,” the group asserts. “Most counties admitted images were overwritten while some refused to comply with VoterGA Open Records Requests that revealed the destruction.”

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].




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4 Thoughts to “VoterGA Reports ‘Serious’ 2022 Election Abnormalities, Over 20,000 Votes ‘Subtracted’ from Totals for Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker”

  1. Il Professore

    As Gomer Pyle would say “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”. Perhaps he should comment to the absence of the surprises. It is no surprise there are again voter irregularities in GA. It is no surprise the votes total subtraction was partisan with votes taken only from Candidate Walker. And it is no surprise Main Stream Media goes dark making no comments.

  2. Philip L horner

    GA voters best rid themselves of the RINOs lest they be ruled by Leftists.

  3. deborah

    the “fraud free” elections bs is deeper than hip waders… drip by drip the first dominos are falling with more votes than registered voters in pa, georgia, arizona etc… even though i watched 16 to 18 hours of voter fraud hearings & observed massive voter fraud through other sources the msm debunked all of it so i didn’t see what i saw… besides, cell phone geolocating data only works at the capitol if your not the fbi, blm, pantifa or at drop boxes…
    voting machines are the only computer that can’t be hacked, ask the main stream mockingbird media…