Tennessee Gives Additional $18 Million Incentive to Ultium Cells in Spring Hill

by Jon Styf


Tennessee has agreed to give Ultium Cells an additional $18 million incentive for expanding its yet-to-be opened electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility in Spring Hill.

The $275 million additional promise at the facility is in addition to the previously promised $2.3 billion initial project that was awarded a $60 million FastTrack grant in April 2021.

In all, the project will then be a nearly $2.6 billion investment receiving $78 million in FastTrack grants.

Ultium Cells is a joint venture of LG Energy Solution and General Motors. Once the facility is open, Ultium Cells is expected to employ a workforce of 1,700 in Maury County.

“This investment will allow us to provide our customer GM more battery cells faster and support GM’s aggressive EV launch plan in the coming years,” said Tom Gallagher, the vice president of operations for Ultium Cells. “Ultium Cells is taking the appropriate steps to support GM’s plan for more than one million units of EV capacity in North America by mid-decade.

“We appreciate the support the state of Tennessee, Maury County and Spring Hill has shown Ultium Cells, and that support is playing an important role in making this expansion investment possible in our Spring Hill facility.”

Ultium Cells will provide batteries for the Cadillac LYRIQ and other electric vehicles produced at the General Motors Spring Hill assembly plant.

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Jon Styf is an award-winning editor and reporter who has worked in Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan in local newsrooms over the past 20 years, working for Shaw Media, Hearst and several other companies. Styf is a reporter for The Center Square. 
Photo “Ultium Cells LLC” by Ultium Cells LLC.


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2 Thoughts to “Tennessee Gives Additional $18 Million Incentive to Ultium Cells in Spring Hill”

  1. Traditional thinker

    In this situation of wasteful spending of the tax payers money who are struggling to make ends meet, I would like to think this decision was blatant ignorance. However, being that there is a history we can re visit and learn from so that the same mistake or money laundering scheme doesn’t see a repeat in the state, we fortunately have the Obama supported solar plant in clarksville that cost millions of dollars that never opened and was dismantled and scrapped out for pennies on the dollar. Therefore ignorance will not be the claim for this failed endeavor. That leaves only one possibility…..

  2. Joe Blow

    My God! Little Billy Lee talks with forked tongue out of one side of his mouth about the incurable traffic congestion and out of the other side of his mouth his is giving away BILLIONS to buy companies to move to the Nasville area. The guy is nothing but a tax and spend Democrat.

    Of course that could be said of many of the super majority “GOP” legislators. That defines both my rep and senator.