Leahy on Arizona 2022 Election Results: The Only Opinion That Matters is the Judge’s

Host Stephen K. Bannon welcomed The Star News Network’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Arizona Sun-Times, Michael Patrick Leahy, Saturday to War Room: Battleground to discuss Arizona’s Gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake’s contest to the certified election result in Arizona.

Bannon: Michael Patrick Leahy, before I let you go. As you read this, is there no doubt in your mind as you read this, that the legitimate winner of the 8 November 2022 election that was held in the state of Arizona, the legitimate winner of that gubernatorial race is Kari Lake, Republican, sir?

Leahy: It doesn’t matter what I think. Kari Lake is not the governor-elect. And she will not be the governor-elect unless the Superior Court judge who is hearing this case – and we believe it’s Judge Peter Thompson – unless he finds the points of law put forward by Kurt Olsen sufficient to either call for a new election or declare her the winner.

I am not sanguine that he will have the courage to do that, but he may. That’s my view.

Watch the interview here, starting at 20:33min:



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