Florida State Rep. Eskamani Files Bill to Get Rid of Diaper Sales Tax

by Andrew Powell


A bill has been refiled that could permanently nix Florida’s sales tax from diapers and adult incontinence products.

Florida state Rep. Anna V. Eskamani filed House Bill 29, a continuation of an already existing sales tax exemption for children’s diapers, that are tax-free until June 30, 2023. If passed, the exemption would be expanded to also help reduce the cost for the elderly, their families, and those who use adult diapers and other incontinence products.

“In the 2022 Legislative Session, the Florida House and Senate agreed to add Representative Anna V. Eskamani (D-Orlando) and Senator Lauren Book’s (D-Plantation) legislation House Bill 85 to the 2022 Tax Package. This included a one-year tax break on children’s diapers, which can cost families more than $70 per month, creating a significant burden for low-income households.” Eskamani’s website states.

“One in three families in the U.S cannot afford the cost of diapers, struggling to keep their children clean and healthy. This tax package, including the diaper sales tax exemption, is only in effect until June 30, 2023. HB 29 would make the current diaper sales tax exemption permanent and expand it to include adult diapers as well.”

In May, as inflation soared to 40-year highs and gas prices hit all-time highs, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asked the legislature to come up with a tax relief package for Floridians, totaling $1.2 billion, in order to help them fight increasing inflation.

Florida House Minority Leader Sen. Lauren Book told The Center Square that permanently eliminating sales tax on diapers has been one of the senator’s top priorities, but she also wants it expanded to also include adult incontinence products.

“After years of fighting, we were successful in achieving one of my longstanding priorities for working families: the elimination of sales tax on diapers. While this will truly help families with young children across the state, the powers that be limited us in only providing this relief for infant diapers, for one year,” Book said.

“This coming Session, Rep. Eskamani and I will continue to advocate for a permanent exemption on all diapers, including adult incontinence products, because working families shouldn’t be taxed on essential health care items.”

The press secretary for DeSantis, Bryan Griffin, told The Center Square that it is good to see representatives supporting conservative policies and added that DeSantis will be taking it a step further than just diapers and incontinence products.

“It’s great that Rep. Eskamani is coming around to sensible conservative positions, like reducing the tax burden on Floridians.” Griffin said.

“Governor DeSantis has proposed even more than this – making all baby items, including cribs and strollers, permanently sales-tax free. He’s mentioned this at several press conferences … We look forward to having Rep. Eskamani’s support of our tax relief packages in this upcoming legislative session.” Griffin concluded.

The Florida House of Representatives is currently in a special session this week.

Eskamani did not respond to a request for comment.

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Andrew Powell is a contributor to The Center Square. 
Photo “Anna Eskamani” by Representative Anna V. Eskamani. Background Photo “Diapers” by Minette Lontsie. CC BY-SA 4.0.




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