Immigration and Customs Enforcement Set to Release Unknown Number of Illegal Aliens into Tennessee

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities in New Orleans are scheduled to begin transporting an unknown number of illegal aliens to Tennessee this week, Governor Lee’s office announced in a press release.

“We’ve been informed by ICE that they plan to release single adult detainees into TN while they await court proceedings. This is irresponsible & a threat to the safety of Tennesseans,” Governor Lee wrote in a Twitter thread.

“Furthermore, we already have a national security crisis at our border, & the Biden administration’s attempt to revoke Title 42 will only incentivize more illegal crossings. It’s not compassionate to perpetuate a problem that leads to more exploitation & trafficking,” Lee continued. “7,000 people unlawfully enter our country every day. This crisis is too big to ignore, & the only way to stop it is to secure the border. Placing the burden on states is not a solution, & we should not bear the brunt of the federal government’s failures.”

Lee said the Biden administration should “reverse their plan for detainee relocation” and added that the state is “discussing options” with Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti and Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty on how to administer the incoming detainees.

In a statement, Senator Blackburn (R-TN) added, “Tennesseans will not stand idly by as Biden traffics illegal immigrants into our state.”

Senator Hagerty also released a statement, stating, “Today’s news underscores what I’ve heard from Tennessee law enforcement time and again, which is that our open border has turned every town into a border town […] Congress must take action to secure the border. It’s unfair to place the burden on Tennessee citizens and local officials to deal with this Administration’s self-inflicted failures.”

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Immigration And Customs Enforcement” by Immigration And Customs Enforcement.




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9 Thoughts to “Immigration and Customs Enforcement Set to Release Unknown Number of Illegal Aliens into Tennessee”

  1. NN

    They are NOT welcome here. They are illegal aliens and a danger to Society as well.

    Gov. Lee. DO NOT ALLOW THIS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sim

    As an “INDEPENDANT STATE”, we have every right to refuse to house illegals in our State.

    Post guards at the Borders on the interstates and turn the busses around.

    “HOW” much more bullshit are people going to take before they “OVERTHROW” this illegal Government and put the country back under the Constitution????

  3. TD

    Time to set examples for the rest of the country. Lets all be welcoming of our new neighbors and celebrate with some lead directed at those incoming busses.

  4. Randall Davidson

    Send them to Nancy and Joe’s houses.

  5. Tom Richardson

    How’s about Chicago? Closest big city in a blue state and they be lovin’ those illegals….

  6. Jay

    Time to man up governor

  7. Kendra Tilley

    We need to exercise our states rights and pack those illegals up and drop them off in DC. These people are not refugees, they are not immigrants, they are not eligible for asylum. They are law breaking illegals. Try to cross into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. It isn’t pretty. Biden has been controlled by the communists for decades. It was the communists that got him elected as a Senator and they have supported him ever since. Check out the Council for a Livable World. Biden is the FIRST and only President they have ever endorsed. Way back when Biden decided to run for Senate this group was going around to small states and recruiting people to run for office and to support their agenda. Biden was one such candidate and they have promoted him ever since. These people are the replacement population. They want people that are willingly obedient and compliant. People who are used to living under horrible conditions and with the boot at their throat. Funny how they push this poison COVID injection on us but no on the illegals. They want the illegals to live which is not what they want for us. Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and the entire crew are depopulationists and have been for decades. Governor Lee needs to stand up and turn these illegals right around and ship them off to DC. If Governor DeSantis can do it so can Governor Lee.

  8. LM

    We’ll keep our powder dry.