List of Tennessee Laws to Go into Effect in the New Year

A list of new laws will take effect in Tennessee on January 1, 2023. The list of laws will go into effect in the new year, from relation to medical records, security-guard training, abortion-inducing drugs, and medication aide certification qualifications.

Tennessee laws going into effect January 1, include:

  • HB1195: A law requiring health insurance entities, health services providers, or healthcare facilities to notify patients of communication among entities concerning medical claims.
  • HB2113: A law requiring the state’s department of correction, department of mental health and substance abuse services, and department of human services to work with “nonprofit charitable organizations” to provide personnel annual training on how to address and administer human trafficking victims.
  • HB2288: A law that allows the notice of cancellation of a time-share contract to be made by email.
  • HB2416: “Tennessee Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act,” which requires abortion-inducing drugs to be provided in a medical facility – not by mail. The law also requires the physician to confirm a follow-up appointment with the patient around seven to 14 days after prescribing the abortion-inducing drugs.
  • SB2295: A law that amends the qualifications for obtaining a medication aide certificate, including the lowering of passing-grade test scores from 85 percent to 75 percent.
  • SB2398: A law that authorizes DCS to “implement an extension of the foster care program to provide services to youth transitioning from state custody to adulthood.” The bill also requires DCS to reimburse “eligible relative caregivers” an amount “equal to 50 percent of the full foster care board rate” to support the cost of raising the child.
  • SB2514: “Dallas’s Law,” which requires all security guards and security officers to undergo mandatory training prior to beginning employment in the field.
  • HB1652: A law that requires businesses offering online subscription services to allow people to cancel the subscription online without additional steps.
  • HB2242: A law that amends the minimum statewide building construction safety standards, promoted by the state fire marshal. Under the new law, for example, construction safety standards must include sections describing how multi-level commercial and residential structures would alleviate the impact of a structural collapse caused by explosive devices.

For a list of all legislation going into effect this Sunday, please visit

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
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2 Thoughts to “List of Tennessee Laws to Go into Effect in the New Year”

  1. Joe Blow

    And the government grows and grows and grows! I guess the legislators have to justify their jobs by quantity and not quality of laws.

    How many stupid and unenforced laws will be taken off the books on January 1st? Most likely none.

    1. Jorge

      Joe, you are 100% correct. Excellent post.