After Rolling Blackout Debacle Over Christmas, TVA Conducting ‘Thorough Review’

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) recently announced that a “thorough review” is in place of the events leading up to the rolling blackout mandates during Christmas weekend in Tennessee and beyond.

“We at TVA take full responsibility for the impact we had on our customers. We never want to impact anyone’s energy at any time. This is not the way we want to serve our communities and customers,” TVA released in a statement. “We are conducting a thorough review of what occurred and why.”

TVA added in its statement that it is “committed” to sharing the “lessons learned” and “corrective actions” taken in the future with the public.

“We will learn from this unprecedented event and are committed to providing you with the reliable service you expect and deserve,” TVA further stated.

On the day before Christmas Eve, TVA issued a rolling blackout mandate for 153 local power companies across Tennessee and beyond in response to cold temperatures driving up the power demand. TVA’s mandate carried on into Saturday morning – Christmas Eve – before being terminated, as previously reported by The Tennessee Star.

Following the rolling blackout order, TVA announced that it had set “multiple power demand records” during the “extreme weather event.”

On Friday, the day before Christmas Eve, TVA hit the “highest 24-hour electricity demand” in its nearly 90-year history, with 740 gigawatt-hours being supplied. Friday also saw the company experiencing its “highest winter peak power demand” of 33,425 megawatts. In addition, on Saturday (Christmas Eve), TVA hit its “highest weekend peak power demand” in its history, recording a record 31,765 megawatts.

The rolling blackout mandate was also the first time in TVA’s 90-year history that it had to “direct targeted load curtailments due to extreme power demand,” the company additionally added.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “TVA Control Room” by Tennessee Valley Authority.


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9 Thoughts to “After Rolling Blackout Debacle Over Christmas, TVA Conducting ‘Thorough Review’”

  1. Lisa Messer

    Well it froze my on demand water heater, and then when it thawed, it flooded my garage. Plumber said that warranty wouldn’t pay for TVA’s screw up. He said it was 100% because of the blackout. NOW, which one of these yahoo’s on the Board wants to pay for my damage?!!!

  2. Debbie Baldwin

    Never had these issues as long as we had the older power plants. Our local electric office and our local guys aren’t to blame. The green deal or whatever they call it now and all the appointees on the board along with the NOBODY IS WORTH THIS MUCH MONEY CEO using this to break us,threaten us and make us do what they want. Again I am talking about the big guys not our local electric.

    1. Brenda Weiss

      I agree. Funny how Christmas Day had no blackouts. I figure it’s because those big wigs wives wanted to cook their holiday dinners and entertain without power disruptions. They would’ve never heard the end of it at home.

  3. Dwayne Oxford

    CEO and board should forfeit their obscene salaries to damaged customers.

  4. Robert Jones

    Global Warming = Better Climate

    Too bad that bad science drives TVA decisions on new power plants.
    (80-90% of global warming is expressed in the WINTERTIME.)

  5. TN Engineer

    It would be news to know the NAMES of these people

    my cousins work at Cumberland City and Wolf creek, this was all bull biscuits
    600 percent capacity in one facility
    our light bills should be $2.00 a month

    – all made up –

  6. Steve Allen

    I recently read that the majority of TVA board members are Biden appointees. If this is true….draw your own conclusions as to why the “rolling blackouts” happened.

    1. Joe Blow

      Yep. I would assume that more of those solar panels and windmills are in the works. Nothing like actually building a coal-fired plant that would help.

      I sure wish that John Kerry (the liar) and Al Bore would just go away.