The Epoch Times Columnist Roger Simon Talks About Upcoming Event: Building on Victory 2023

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in studio to talk about the upcoming Building on Victory 2023 event on January 26th and the defenestration of Joe Biden.

Leahy: All-star panelist Roger Simon. Roger, there’s an event going on here you want to chat about on January 26th.

Simon: On January 26th. Stick that on your calendar from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Bold Patriot Brewery Company. I think a lot of you know where it is. If you don’t, get a GPS. The other thing that is going to be an event called Building on Victory 2023.

And it’s not a big victory, but it was a small victory, at least in Congress, and the National Republican Women and the Young Republicans are sponsoring a gathering there of everybody who’s interested in what we are going to do next, both to make Nashville a little bit red, but also globally and locally and all of the different things. And it’s open to all. It’s free, and everybody gets to say his or her opinion on the situation.

Leahy: What’s the date again?

Simon: January 26th.

Leahy: That’s a week from today at 6:30 at the Bold Patriot. I suggest everybody should attend. And now you say make Nashville a little red. That is a tall order, my friend.

Simon: Oh, it is. But very little effort has been made to do it.

Leahy: Yeah, well, other than Michael Patrick lady. There’s one other thing going on, and I will tell you what’s interesting about this. And there is going to be a leadership challenge for the Davidson County Republican Party, and we will announce that.

And the person who’s making the challenge is a good friend of mine. This friend has not made it public yet, but will be in studio next week. And I’ve known this person for a long time, and I think this person would be a very good choice.

Simon: This will be what is at the top of the discussions that will be going on on January 26, because a lot of people wonder why there hasn’t been a better effort made by the Davison County Republican Party in getting candidates. One of the big problems was we didn’t get any candidates for the district attorney.

Leahy: Unbelievable.

Simon: This is an eight-year job. Also unbelievable. And it’s a more powerful job than the mayor these days in cities if you care about walking safely on the street, which I do. And I think everybody does.

Leahy: Everybody does. And, of course, I think this is the opportunity for Republicans to get engaged in Davidson County. And Roger, you’ve lived here for what now, four years now, right?

Simon: Yes, four and a half.

Leahy: Four and a half years. I’ve lived here for 31 years.

Simon: Oh, my God.

Leahy: I know.

Simon: I want to see your redneck.

Leahy: I lived in Davidson County for, like, seven years, and then I’ve lived the rest of the time in Williamson County. But I can tell you the Davidson County Republican Party establishment was more abundant 31 years ago. And to be honest with you, it’s more abundant today, and it needs to be fixed.

Simon: The book I’m finishing very soon has a lot about this. I was shocked when I got here, as were a lot of the people who came about what I do four years ago, that we expected it to be more actively read, even in the heart of Nashville and it isn’t.

Leahy: It’s actively red. There are 95 counties in the state of Tennessee. 92 of them are actively red. Actually, two of them are big, you know, blue centers. Davidson and Shelby County. Of course, the city of Knoxville and the city of Chattanooga are up there, too. They are up there in terms of being blue, but the rest of the state is deep red.

Simon: Yes. That’s for sure.

Leahy: Now, an interesting point that you brought up during the break. I suppose at some point, Roger, I’m going to have to bring cameras in here. We’re going to probably do something on GETTR Live, which means I’m going to have to clean up my act and look good.

Simon: I have to get up 10 minutes earlier.

Leahy: Because you don’t have to look pretty to talk. But if you’re on video, you got to clean up your act a little bit. But the point that I wanted to make with you, Roger is you have an interesting theory about what’s going on with the absolute devolution of the Biden maladministration, with these discoveries of classified documents recklessly strewn all over every place where Joe Biden has been since he left the vice presidency in 2017. Why don’t you share with our listeners what your theory is?

Simon: It’s interesting how this got leaked out all of a sudden because there’s usually the mainstream media, it came through CBS, which is about as mainstream as it gets, always has been allied with The New York Times and so forth.

It seems to me that they have decided, and where it came from is the interesting part, that enough is enough. Because Biden really is pretty bad. I think when the honest histories are written not by Jon Meacham but by other people.

Leahy: By honest people.

Simon: By honest people.

Leahy: By that, we exclude Jon Meacham. Jon, if you’re listening, you’re welcome to come in, but you are not an honest person. You can try to disprove that in studio with us.

Simon: I’d be glad to be here, too. Now, here’s the thing. Somewhere this was coming from…

Leahy: When you say this, what are you referring to?

Simon: This defenestration of Biden.

Leahy: Word of the day. Defenestration.

Simon: From the old days of Prague when the leader was thrown out the window. Defenestrate.

Leahy: What you’re talking about is the first news that came out that classified documents had been discovered. It came from CBS.

Simon: So establishment he couldn’t get more establishment. Anyway, who’s passing the word because that’s and of course, I believe it is the man who said, I want to rule from the basement, meaning Barack Obama.

Leahy: Barack Obama.

Simon: And he’s doing it in favor of his favorite candidate for president in 2024, Michelle Obama.

Leahy: But she says she doesn’t want to be president.

Simon: Of course, she’s saying that now. Why wouldn’t you say that? In a certain point, months from now, she will say, well,  I didn’t really want to do this, but for the good of my country, blah, blah, blah.

Leahy: So you think this is an inside-hit job?

Simon: Oh, absolutely.

Leahy: Think about the storyline here. So the storyline is that was reported a week ago Monday. That’s how quickly this is moved. Nobody knew about this until a week ago Monday. So the report comes from CBS News.

Let me read the following: On November 2nd at the Penn Biden Center, classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency were discovered by his attorneys, who in turn told the National Archives now his personal attorneys, their client is not the United States of America. Their client is Joe Biden.

Simon: There is treachery going on on a level that Borsia would be envious.

Leahy: This is treachery and skullduggery all combined.

Simon: And it’s a good reason to follow the rules. Stay out of politics. (Laughter) If you’re running for office, you have to watch yourself. Biden deserves every bad thing that could possibly happen.

Leahy: He’s crooked.

Simon: He’s ripped off the country. I am embarrassed, and I’m going to say this aloud and The Epoch Times people might fire me if I admit it, but I never heard of the Penn Biden Center before all this happened.

Leahy: I had not either.

Simon: Well they are going to fire you too. (Laughter)

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