Hosts Leahy and Gulbransen Speculate Who Benefits from the Classified Documents Scandal

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed official guest host Aaron Gulbransen in studio to examine who would benefit from Biden’s classified document debacle.

Leahy: The official guest host of The Tennessee Star Report, Aaron Gulbransen, is here in studio with us. Aaron, I’m going to need your help unraveling what’s really going on with all of these classified documents that are just showing up and just happened to show up at Joe Biden’s, which first showed up at his Penn Biden Center offices and apparently now are being closed down, asterisk, all funded by the Chicoms and anonymous Chinese donors.

That’s pretty weird. And we didn’t learn about this, any of this until a week ago Monday. And the way we learned about it, documents found at Penn Biden Center on November second by Biden’s personal attorneys. Then December 20th, more documents were found at his house.

Now we have over the weekend six more classified memos or it’s actually six items. I don’t know if that’s a big box. Found at his house on Friday by the Department of Justice. Here is my question to you. Nobody knew anything about this. Nothing. It was all going on behind the scenes.

Very secretive. The Department of Justice is not saying anything. The National Archives, not saying anything. Biden’s White House two weeks ago, on Monday, leaked to CBS, and now it is the defining story of the Biden presidency. Who leaked this and why?

Gulbransen: That’s a million-dollar question. There’s a ton of palace intrigue going on with this. Most of the so-called Biden presidency, I would have said that the Democrats in D.C. and the Democrat leadership and all that and particularly the staff in the White House love that Biden’s there, that love that Biden is in the White House particularly because they have free run of the place. They don’t have a president breathing down their neck or really actually leading or telling anybody what to do.

Leahy: The president under this group, you put Ron Klain, chief of staff who just announced he’s leaving with Susan Rice in the background and all of these Obama era people who really look like they’re running the government, not Joe Biden.

Gulbransen: Right. Exactly. And the old joke amongst political consultants has been we’d love to have a candidate for some odd office that we could just run a campaign and send the guy on vacation and the Democrats running the White House and on the campaign side, love that their guy Joe Biden was on a mental vacation.

Leahy: And still is.

Gulbransen: Yes, there’s an Aerosmith album called Permanent Vacation. But anyway, now we have the knives out for Biden. Even Dick Durbin over the weekend said this diminishes Biden and admitted that it takes away what they considered high ground regarding the Trump situation.

Leahy: They have this all quiet in the background. His personal attorneys tell the White House attorneys who tell the National Archives. The National Archives is going to keep it quiet until the inspector general at the National Archives, who’s not in on the joke, talks to the Department of Justice. They’re in on the joke. They don’t say anything until this leak.

Gulbransen: I think the number one thing to watch for it is if Biden officially announces to run for re-election and if is there a significant challenger to him. If he doesn’t announce that he’s running for re-election and instead announces that he’s not, it means the fix has been in here, and this was leaked to encourage him not to run.  And there are so many things floating around. Is this an Obama insider deal to put Michelle Obama in the poll position to run for president?

Leahy: I’ve heard this. (Chuckles) Here’s the thing about Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama is not Barack Obama.

Gulbransen: No.

Leahy: And although in the abstract, right, Democrats might want to say, oh, yeah, Michelle Obama, she’s best pals with George W. Bush, for instance.

Gulbransen: Apparently.

Leahy: The problem is she is brittle.

Gulbransen: Oh, she is, as if not more so, unlikable on the stump and prone to gaffes like Kamala Harris. Poor Kamala Harris.

Leahy: She’s a little bit smarter. I think that’s a very low bar.

Gulbransen: I think we can all pronounce her name Kamala Harris now without any because Biden says, Kamala.

Leahy: Kamala, Kamala. So this is all idle speculation, right? But it would seem to me, the insiders were keeping this quiet. Everybody was keeping this quiet. It happened the “discovery” of these documents by personal attorneys on November second. happened. We didn’t know about it until January, what, January 9th, I think.

Gulbransen: Who has the access to these resources that it benefits? And you would think a vice president, it would benefit Harris possibly.

Leahy: Possibly.

Gulbransen: Of course, there’s always the specter and dark shroud of Hillary Clinton who seems to never want to give up the idea that she may one day be president.

Leahy: It seems more of the style of Hillary Clinton.

Gulbransen: It does. And it could be something from the Obama camp. But I will say, short of the idea of trying to clear it for Michelle, the Obama people and Obama himself have the power with Biden that they would have with anybody as much as they possibly could unless they had Michelle in there. Do you know what I’m saying? They have control over the Biden administration right now more so than anybody else other than somebody with a last name, Obama.

Leahy: The other thing that the Democrats have is the big blue machine which basically understands election law and manipulates it and violates it in many cases, and hasn’t been caught.

It’s election law for early voting and ballot harvesting in key states. That machine is running and it’s going to run, and it’s going to have, in essence, pretty much the same results regardless of who heads up the ticket.

Gulbransen: The only other wrinkle, I will say the conversation we’re having is very conventional. I’ll throw a curveball in here.

Leahy: Wait, let me okay, I’m ready. Throw it. I got my catcher’s mitt out.

Gulbransen: Maybe the day Democrats are willing to sacrifice the White House in 2024, or they’re at least willing to put it in jeopardy over this situation because there’s some other scandal involving maybe the Chinese or something else that’s floating around that’s far worse.

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